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Last night was a terrible night for our Lola, a 1 yr old mini doxie. We purchased Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze on for Dogs (9-20 lbs) earlier that day for her. We applied it at around 9:30 at night, following the on-package instructions. She started running around the house and at first we thought she was just being silly. But by 10 her eyes started to swell and she was itching at her face. Her breathing was irregular so we called the emergency number. They told us to wash her 3 times with Dawn brand dish soap and then to feed her tuna fish (WHAT?!) so she can get food/nutrients in her system. We washed her 5 times total but she was getting worse. She was frothing at the mouth and vomiting a little blood. All I can say is thank God for this website–I found it quickly and followed the advice. We got her to the emergency vet by 11 and they told us we brought her just in time. After a stressful night spent in the pet hospital, Lola is better (albeit a little sleepy).

The vet told us that reactions from Sergeants is basically how they stay in business. SO MANY dogs and way more cats are allergic to this stuff. Recommend to everyone you know to not buy Sergeants! The effects can be fatal, as too many on this site have proven. Why doesn’t Sergeants have a warning label on the back of their package? They only list the emergency number but from what I’ve read that number is not helpful. They need to put a side effects listing on the package! This needs to be stopped!

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  1. I’m replying to you today on behalf of Sergeant’s. I’m so sorry to hear about what Lola encountered. At your convenience I recommend you visit – Sergeant’s educational website dedicated to addressing many flea and tick concerns as well as proper application practices.

    Please understand, just like human medications, nothing can be 100% allergy-free, so some dogs will have a reaction. It’s important to remember that all flea and tick control product are pesticides and should only be used as directed. If there is any likelihood of an accidental ingestion, this can be a cause for vomiting. Of course, we do not like the fact that any dog is experiencing a reaction at all, but the reality is that pets, just like humans, can have reactions to products. It is also important to keep in mind that dog medication should never be used on a cat. Since cats and dogs have a different genetic make-up, you should never introduce a dog medication to a cat and vice versa.

    We do want to hear from you directly or anyone who believes their pet has had an adverse reaction to any of our flea and tick control products. I do recommend that you call the 24-hour consumer hotline at 800-224-7387. We want to make sure that Lola is now in good health. Additionally, by calling the hotline, you will also be able to start an investigation into what may have cause the adverse reaction and vomiting. Sergeant’s has a procedure in place where a complaint of a possible adverse reaction is given to a committee of independent veterinarians to review and investigate what may have caused the reaction or problem.

    Sergeant’s President, Bob Scharf, wants pet owners to know that “Look at The Label” is available to help you and encourages everyone to visit the website or call Sergeant’s hotline to answer any questions or concerns you may have – whether it is pre, post or after application. You can view a special message here:

    Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I would be more than happy to assist you further!

    All the best,
    Julie and the Sergeant’s Team

  2. I administered the Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick medicine on my dog yesterday and he had a very bad reaction to the flea and tick medicine. He started itching all over and foaming at the mouth and had a very high fever, in fact he was burning up, he was just running back and forth crying and moaning. I quickly gave him a bath and this did not help, he cried and suffered all night, twitching and moaning. Finally my daughter call the telephone number on the back of the box and was told to give him another bath, which we did, but this did not help either, his fever went down a little, but he was still crying, scratching and was very jumping the rest of the night. I ran him to the vet hospital as soon as they opened and I was told I was lucky I bought him in because he could have died. The flea and tick medicine was toxic to him and he was very ill. I had to leave him in the vet hospital to get an IV drip and medication. I really think this is a product that should be removed from the stores. I also want my money back from the vet bills and missing work as soon as possible, which is around $600. Where should I send the information to regarding the vet bills, etc.

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