On friday night i used hart all in on flea control and i wish i never did my dog is so sick the whole back and side of his neck is burned so bad there are big blisters on his neck, my vet said to wash it with dish sope and put qurtazone cream on it and if it gets worse bring him in as fast as i can and that hartz is the worsest product made as it kills lots of pets every year.i have cryed over the stories i have read hear,i am very sad and sick that they are aloud to keep making this crap!!! i have started a group on face book and join over 100 groups just to spread the word. the group is call DONT USE HARTZ IT WILL KILL YOUR PET please come join and help the fight to stop hartz befor to many more pets die for no reason!!! will post more about my dog scrappy,i am taking him to the vets tomorrow,hopefully they can help him.

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