My Cat is on the Verge of Death Because of Hartz Flea/Tick Treatment

A few days ago, I applied Hartz Flea and Tick month-long liquid repellant to my cats as directed on the package. The cat began acting lethargic a few hours later after having had the energy to hunt a rabbit the day before. Every day he’s gotten more and more lethargic and now is sore all over his stomach to the point that he screams when I try to move him or pick him up. I usually use Frontline, but with the economy so bad and gas so high, I figured I should save the money when I saw the inexpensive substitute at Wal-Mart. Now my cat may very well die in the next day or two, because I used his terrible product. I took the cat to the vet today. It was $100 just for a preliminary exam and $70 more for hydration and pain killers. If I wanted to proceed with full treatment, the vet wanted $500-$800.  Obviously, if I was trying to save $30 by not buying Frontline, I could afford this kind of vet bill. So now I am left hoping and waiting to see if and when my cat will die. I really debated a long time in Wal-Mart whether it would be safe to use the Hartz. I was so worried, that I bought the Hartz for kittens and cats under 5 pounds, even though my at is 9 1/2  pounds. I also checked to make sure thee product was not manufactured in China. The product read “Made in the USA” so I figured it wa safe. My cat had a terrible tick problem, and in the end I thought “Would they sell something dangerous at Wal-Mart?” The answer is “Yes!” There should be a class-action lawsuit against Hartz and Wal-Mart for this product being sold. I can’t believe how many horror stories there are about these products.  Hartz and Wal-Mart are both liable for criminal conduct in selling this product to the public.

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  1. I am so sorry about what’s happening to your cat. Please consider going ahead with the full treatment — put it on your credit card, or ask the vet to bill you in installments!

    Also, as many victims have said on this website and other, HARTZ WILL REIMBURSE YOU FOR THE COST OF THE TREATMENT! They probably have an entire team at Hartz devoted to answering phone calls from victims and processing reimbursements. They keep selling their poison because the money they make is greater than the cost of paying victims’ vet bills.

    The economy is bad and people are looking for ways to cut expenses, as you said. Hartz is exploiting people’s financial insecurities by flooding the Internet and magazines with new ads — check out This campaign is increasing their sales a thousand-fold, and you know what that means. The death toll is rising.

    Don’t let them get away with killing your cat. Save your cat, get reimbursed, file a complaint with the EPA and other agencies (see the “Need Help?” section for information), and then spread the word so that other pet owners don’t fall into the same trap.

    Please, please, please take your cat back to the vet for full treatment, and let us know how things go. We are all pulling for your cat!

  2. I do agree that Sergeants needs to be sued for their product and the damage it’s done to people’s animals and lives. But how can WalMart know it was a bad product? They trust the vendors that they do business with and I’m sure once they know about it, it will be taken off the shelves.

  3. Hartz and the rest of the people that make these products KNOW they are dangerous to pets.Using flea and tick sprays and flea collars are DANGEROUS.. Same with the shampoos. Dogs and cats can and will go into convulsions.The poison in the products that are suppose to kill fleas and ticks goes into your pets system. Buy the NATURAL shampoos and flea & tick killers at stores like Pet supply plus etc. They have natural ingredients that kill fleas and ticks but WONT harm you cat or dog.They smell good also.Stop using those flea collars and sprays and shampoos etc.I dont see why the government hasn’t made Hartz and the rest of those animal killers pay huge fines and make them STOP using poisons in their products.Oh im sorry, i forgot, thats our IDIOT government for you.

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