Sergeant’s Squeeze-On

We have two cats that both came into contact with Sergeant’s Squeeze-On for dogs and puppies and both went into violent seizures, high fevers, and pupils dialated. We kept them comfortable and continuously squirted water into their mouths from a dropper. It took about fours hours for the convulsions to stop but so far they are ok. I’ll keep you posted. We also bathed them in luke warm water afterwards and baby shampoo.

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  1. I hope they’re okay! Please also rush them to the vet, if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to file a report with the EPA and other agencies — see the “Need Help?” section on this web site for details. Also, keep us posted on how they’re doing.

  2. My cat Booboo suffered a serious near fatal reaction to Sergeants Squeeze on tick and flea drops for DOGS. She came into contact with our Dog Sheltie Joy, whom we had treated with the above product. It contains Permethrin a highly toxic nerve agent .. that is lethal to cats. WE applied as directed on the label to our dog.. the cat came into contact with the dog by brushing aganst the dog… somehow got this product on her coat,or paws, and naturally tried to get it off the only way she could.. by cleaning herself.. When I noticed her odd behaviour, running around, shaking,squeeling I knew straight away something was seriously wrong with her.. She suffered a near fatal reaction, drolling clear thick mucus from her mouth , tremors, panic, seizures..Her nervous system was being attacked as the Permethrin , a nerve agent, kicked. We rushed her to emergency vets.. late at night.. they took her in and gave intensive re hydration special anti permethrin toxin treatment to try and save her,., trying to cleanse her system.BooBoo fought all night long.. I had to take her to another vet hospital for further treatment all the next day.. as the emrgency clinic closed at 6 am… much later in the day.. I was eventually allowed to take her home.. but was told if siezures started or cat relapsed to get her back ASAP to try save her. She finally, slowly recovered,, but we do not know if this has affected her liver or other organs long term… Both Vets told us that this priduct Sergerants squeeze on for dogs… and the chemical permethrin was well know for this type of adverse toxic reaction… Anyone else who has had problems let me know.. Cost over $500 in bills.. and I am fighting Sergeants to get fully repaid. Dont let them get away with this.. !!! We are currently awaiting re-embursement from Sergeants.. i’m very , very angry at what that product did to my pet. She didnt deserve all that pain, and suffering.. and we nearly lost her for good. My sympathies and deepest condolences go out to those of you who have lost your pets… my heart goes out to you all.

  3. I rushed my 2 lhasa apsos to the vet and later one of them even had to go to emergency. What can be done to take this product out of the shelf?

    Also, can anyone advise how long it will take for them to gain back their apetite. They are so lethargic now that they are not even interested in their greenies.

  4. iam so sorry you had to go though this i also had the same thing but with my dogs. two were fine and the other two were amost killed . lucky i was them be for call the vet and she if they didnt get any better bring them in and the would try to save them. but so far there coming out of it also i have been sick for 7 days from get it on me some how the company when i call them said it wasnt possble tomake me sick because it dont soak in to the skin when i told her i was sick i must but my fingers in my mouth .i told her she was nuts because i was 54 years old and smarter then that . so i hope your baby will be ok if yoy need any help with a lawsuit just let know

  5. In response to Bill from Nashville what did the Vets do to help we just had the same thing happen to our 6 month old “Oreo” he is shaking uncontrollably, his nose is dry, his gums are white. We are force feeding him water hoping to cleanse his system of the chemicals

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