I posted a story on here about 2 weeks ago about my cat named Maddy. I wanted to give an update… the last I wrote my cat was staying the night at the vets and it looked as if she would make it, but she took a turn for the worse. It was Hartz Flea&Tick medicine that poisoned my cat. She was only 10mos old! The vet put her on iv antibiotics and tried to flush her system out. Spent a lot of money. She got better but for only about 2days. All of the sudden she took a turn for the worse. By morning she was completely paralyzed. It progressed very rapidly throughout the next 10hrs. She started vomiting, drooling, tongue hanging out and had urinated all over herself. She purred right through the end though. She kept trying to meow but nothing would come out. You could tell that her lungs were filling up with fluid. Then she was gone. It was Saturday night before fathers day. There wasn’t anything i could do. I had no idea of the effects of hartz until the harm was already done. I had already threw the package away before i realized what had happened. Sueing them won’t bring Maddy back. I hope to god that word gets out, and hartz takes their products off the shelves.

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  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your sweet Maddy. No one should have to lose their pet to a product that is known to be dangerous, and yet is allowed to remain on store shelves.

    You are an important source of information for other pet owners. You did everything you could to save her, and while you can’t bring Maddy back, you can help to prevent other pets and pet owners from suffering the same fate by spreading the word.

    Be sure to file reports (and have your vet file one, too) with the appropriate agencies (see the “Need Help?” tab above). Documentation of injury and death is a crucial step in the fight to get this poison off the shelves.

    So sorry about how things turned out for Maddy.

  2. Almost everyday I greive and remember the sweetness of my precious Schocoa. In Oct. of 06 I was having a problem with fleas and purchased natural defense from petco for the fleas. I applied the product to Schocoa and she seemed fine. The next day the product was still lingering in the air and I let her outside and she sort fell over on her bag for some reason. I screamed anda rushed her to the emergency vet a 11 pm. She was diagnosed as low oxygen and needed a blood transfusion. I paid that $125. and rushed her into the vet’s office the next morning. All in all Schocoa mended up with over $3000. worth of tests and surgeries and bloodwork with nothing really concrete prognosis. She made it thru til Aug. and had a turn for the worst and I lost her in my arms. I absolutely hate that product and feel that it should never have been on the market to begin with. The scents are so strong that they actually suck the breath right out of you.! So, if you get fleas please consider something else besides that product. And Yes, I will join a class action suit suing hartz over this product. Sincerely, Virginia Murphy

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