thanks to hartzvictims i was able to think quick

a few months ago, my older brother stayed with us for a couple of weeks after his return to iraq, at the time my cat had fleas and without me knowing he bought hartz one spot for my 5 month old cat. I found this website a few weeks proir while doing research, so when i found the flea medicine i quickly told them “that this product what so ever was not allowed on my cat” and that only medicine from a vet well goe on my cat.

now i know i should of tossed it when i had the chance, last night i noticed a peach greasy stain on the back of his neck and on his spine i didnt think anything of it, until i started petting him and chuncks of hair started falling out this morning.

i called the vet immediatly, to see if i should bring him in or what. i told her i think my mom put the hartz flea medicine on him, she told me to give him a bath asap and watch for signs of seizures and others odd behavour.

thanks to this website, all he is stuck with is a rash on his neck, that the vet is treating him for and nothing more.

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