Hartz flea&tick should be taken off the shelves!

Last week I applied hartz flea&tick medicine to the two of my cats. The next morning i immediatley noticed Maddy (the youngest of the two, 10mos) wasn’t acting like herself. She seemed to be real tired and layed in the corner behind things all day. It was at the same time it got really hot outside so i figured it was the heat. But a few days past and she was still acting the same way… When she would get up to walk her legs were like paralyzed and her body hung real low to the ground. She wouldn’t eat anything even though you could tell she was hungry. She was real disoriented, falling over and such. I got her an appt at the vet and it’s confirmed… Hartz flea medicine poisoned my cat! I did some research on the internet about it and what i found out really surprised me. Hundreds of pages and newspaper articles of people talking about similar occasions. My vet told me today that the reason they are allowed to keep the product on the shelf is because it doesn’t affect all pets only some.  See when hartz recalls the products (which they have) all they do is alter it just a little and put it right back on the shelf. My cat had to be put on iv antibiotics and fluids to try and flush her system out. Keyword “try” Vet bill is going to be couple hundred dollars. Definitly not worth the five dollars you spend at wal mart on these brands. My other cat on the other hand is fine.

Close Call

So I came home from a long weekend only to find that fleas had taken over my home. Not only were they literally sucking my poor kitties’ blood but mine as well. I foolishly wanted a quick fix until I could get to my vet to buy the good stuff so I headed to my local Wal-Mart and picked up the Hartz ultra-guard 3-in-1 spray.

My cats of course hated it and were already mad at me after our 4 hour car ride so i thought little of it when they hid from me for most of the day. However when it got closer to bedtime my normally vocal kitties were nowhere to be found. I began searching the house calling and clicking for them to come to no avail (this alone worried me quite a bit as it is completely out of their characters not to come) and eventually found Buster curled up in the corner of my closet and Binx hiding under my bed. Neither one would come out from their hiding spots or reply to their names (they meow back at me when spoken to). I became more concerned when I noticed that their eye’s were a little dull. I was finally able to get Buster out of the closet after a struggle, also very uncharacteristic, and scooped him up only to find that he was extremely listless. Another warning sign.

Becoming increasingly concerned I rinsed both of their coats off with warm water hoping to get the goop out of their fur. There was still a lingering smell even after their quick showers, so I decided to look the Hartz product up only to stumble across this site. Now, as you can imagine my concern at this point is bordering on panic, these are my two baby boys we’re talking about! I quickly snatched both of them up and grabbed the Dawn and we were off to take a real scrub down shower.

So far the bath seems to have helped and both are still drinking water, but I’ll keep a close eye on them through the next few days and hope that these callous suits don’t claim yet another innocent life.

Hairball remedy and my sick Cat

This story was emailed to me yesterday morning by Lee:

About six weeks ago I noticed my male cat had thrown up. I bought a new tube of hartz hairball remedy and gave it to both of my cats. A few days later I noticed my male was not as active. He began sneezing and his eyes watered. He continued to eat and use the litter box, but he was sleeping more. In another few days he did not come to greet us and he was always hiding under a bed. He was not grooming himself. This was not his usual behavior. I took him to our vet. She told me that his pupils were dilated and that was not a good sign. She did a test for feline leukemia and she sent me home telling me to feed him chicken and broth. She also gave be an antibiotic. He went downhill. He fought eating. I took him back to the vet a week later. She gave me a stronger dose of antibiotic and since he had lost about 5 lbs now I had to force feed him. She was treating an upper respiratory condition. I also was given saline nose drops and eye medication. In about 1 1/2 weeks he began to come alive again. It was a long haul.

During this time I continued to look back to see what had caused him to be so sick. I never thought it was the Hartz hairball remedy since my other cat was fine. But it was always in the back of my mind, since that was the only thing he had consumed that was not a normal part of his diet.

On May 23rd I noticed he had thrown up a huge hairball and though it was because he was back to steadily grooming himself again. I decided to give him a small smear on his paw of the hairball remedy. Within three days he began to exhibit the same symptoms as before.

I decided to research to see if I could find a home remedy to flush this poison out of his body. I have spent over $400.00 in two doctors visits and will be there again tomorrow. If this message reaches anyone that can help with a home remedy I would appreciate the help.

I have printed out the steps from your web site to report this problem.

I would appreciate anything you can do to help me.

Thank you for your time.

Segeant’s Gold Nearly Killed My Cocker Spaniel

Applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On on my 10-month old Cocker Spaniel Saturday night at 9:30.  Noticed that she was pretty restless till bedtime.  The next morning she woke up at 4am.  Wouldn’t go back to sleep after that.  She also wouldn’t sit still.  She just paced the floor, back and forth.  We left her alone for 3 hours while we went to church.  When we returned, we were frightened to find that she was foaming at the mouth, throwing up, still pacing, and scratching herself all over.

Called the Sergeant’s help line and they immediately took notes on my name, address, phone number, dog’s name, etc.  The consultant told me that I should bath her 2 to 3 times in Dawn dish detergent, give her juice from a can of tuna to cover up the oily medicine that was probably still present in her mouth, and give her liquids as much as possible.  He even told me that I might have to take her to the vet to have intrevenous fluids administered to avoid dehydration.

I could not get an appointment with a vet today, Sunday, so we’re waiting it out.  She’s thrown up for about 7 hours straight.  She drank the juice from the tuna can, but this seemed to make her throw up immediately.  I washed her 3 times with the dish detergent, but she still couldn’t sit still.  In fact, I am about to bathe her again after I finish typing.  I know she’s tired, but she just can’t lie down long enough to go to sleep.  It looks like I’ll have a vet bill tomorrow.

How can this product still be on the market?

Sergeant’s Gold SUCKS!!

I feel like it’s my own fault for trying to save some money. I was deceived by the fact that it said “better than frontline plus”. I had to rush my baby Rory to the ER vet at 1 in the morning because she was having adverse reactions. She was drooling uncontrollably. Her entire body was wet with her saliva. She was running back and forth whimpering, shoving her head underneath things, as if trying to get something off of her. I had remembered that I put the flea stuff on her a couple hours earlier. I trusted this product to do nothing more than protect my baby from fleas. Anyway, we got to the ER, they immediately called poison control. They gave her a de-greasing bath to get the crap off of her. They rinsed out her mouth, her paws and everything else. They gave her a shot to make her feel better. After 2 hours I had my baby back.

Hartz killed my cat

last week one of my cats died after using hartz spray on him, another cat i used the product on went to the vet with bad burns, it actually looked like his skin was melted off in places. The vet asked me if i had used hartz on him i said yes, he then told me about all the animals that have died or become sick from using this product. If i had been aware of this i never would have used the product and Inky would still be here today. The public needs to be more aware of the dangers of using this product, and the product should not be on store shelves. My other cat Yella is much better he still has a few burns and acts different than he did before he got sick, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Our Pumpkin

I’m writing this on behalf of my sister and her boyfriend, who lost their beautiful dog last night.  I received a phone call about 12:30 a.m. from my little sister, crying uncontrollable, sobbing that “Pumpkin is gone.”  My sister had fallen asleep on the couch last night and woke up to find her dog not breathing.  They tried to save her, but she was gone…

As I tried to console her, I started to ask questions.  Did she get into anything?  Was she acting strange before they went to sleep?  Then she said “We used Hartz on her last night.”  They took Pumpkin to a 24-hour pet hospital and the vet tech told them that Hartz is in the middle of some legal battle with their flea and tick products.  They hospital told them they could get an autopsy and get a claim number for this lawsuit, but my little sister said money is not going to bring back her baby.

Guys, this is getting out of hand.  We have got to do something and get this death medicine off the shelf.