my kitten died today because of Hartz milk replacement

I am very sad and angry today.  My cat roxy had kittens, but got bored of feeding them at four weeks old.  They were getting very weak, but after feeding them KMR they were flourishing.  I brought them to my mother’s house because I have to work all day and couldn’t come home every few hours to feed them.  She ran out of the KMR so she called some vets in her area and they told her to go get whatever they had at walmart, so she picked up the Hartz stuff.  This morning was the first time she gave it to them and soon after she noticed vomiting and diarea all over the place.  She immediately took them to my vet accross town and by the time she arrived what was the largest, strongest, most active of the bunch could barely move, his eyes were rolling back in his head, and was in abvious pain. I got there as soon as I could and had to give the doctor permisson to put him asleep.  I couldn’t bare seeing him like that and really it was the only decision a person with a heart could do.  Thankfully the other three were strong enough to come home but now I’m at square one.  They seem almost scared to eat.  I just cannot bare the thought of losing another.  This never needed to happen and only did because some big company cares more about money than the lives of its helpless victims.  My heart is broken.  Thanks alot Hartz.

Hartz need’s to stop killing our pet’s!!!!!!!

I used the flea and tick product on my 16 month old dog and i almost killed her with this product. I applied it on her and 2 days later i was walking her and she colapsed on me and couldn’t stand. We took her to the vet and when the vet seen the Hartz package in my hand they said………I HOPE YOU DIDN’T USE THAT ON YOUR DOG. They did bloodwork on my dog and it came back that she had Liver Failure. The vet said it was fron a toxic ingredient in the Hartz product. 400.00 it cost for meds,  bloodwork and follow up bloodwork. So far she is fine but the vet wants to see her in 3 months for a final follow up. I called the Hartz company to complain and i was told they never had any complaints about thier product. When i told them about this site they said they will not listen to anything i tell them about the internet that anyone could make up stories.

Scooby’s neck

On June 14, 2008 at 7:30 pm I applied Hartz flea and tick drops to the back of my 7 year old cat Scooby’s neck. As of midnight he seemed to be fine, come Sunday morning at 9 he was in full body tremors, even his eyes were shaking. My sister and I immediately rushed him to Oradell Animal Hospital in New Jersey to find out that he was toxic. The vet told us that the active ingredient phenothrin is toxic in most cats and that  there may be a fatal outcome. I was devastated. The hospital immediately bathed him, hooked him up to an IV, and gave him valium and muscle relaxants. My 9 year old daughter, Skylar has been carrying around this cat like a doll since she was 2. She was heart broken. Scooby was in intensive care for almost 2 full days. He is now home recovering. We have to keep him separated from our other 4 cats until he is weened off of the muscle relaxants. He seems to be recovering slowly but surely. A dear friend of mine researched this product and found that it was recalled in 2002 but the recall was retracted and all Hartz had to do was change the warning label. The new warning label did not pertain to my cat at all! I have contacted the EPA, ASPCA, Hartz corporation, as well as Channel 4 and 7 news. I even emailed Ellen Degeneres. Our vet bill is $1515.00. I am thoroughly disappointed that Hartz is getting away with this. Something must be done NOW!!!!! Sarah Sless, North Haledon, New Jersey

Sergeants Gold Squeeze? Bad for Cats?

My 8 month kitty Melvin escaped last week and came home bearing the gift of fleas. I have another cat I’m afraid he is going to expose  and since I once lived in a flea invested apartment before, I don’t want to relieve that horrible, itchy battle!!

So I went to Target an hour ago and but Sergeants Gold squeeze on formula. It was pretty cheap so I was weary of how effective it would be, but since I cant afford frontline I thought I’d give it a try. I also bought Hartz flea and tick home spray (haven’t used it yet.) I want to get rid of those buggars if they are in my carpet!

I applied it to my other cat first Zeus, since Melvin is a skiddish rescue cat who rarely lets me touch him. A few minutes later I notice that he was desperately trying to lick is back. I was afraid that I may have misplaced a drop, so I got worried and typed in the product name on google. I somehow font a link to this website. Although this isn’t a Hartz product I got frightened and washed Zeus in with dishwater soap (I don’t have Dawn.)

I’d say the product had been on him for about 5minutes. Should I be worried? What signs should I look out for? I haven’t applied it to my flea infested cat. Would it be a bad idea to use the Hartz home spray?

I don’t want to hurt my cats, by I don’t want these fleas to start eating us all alive eitiher!! Any ideas??

My baby is gone

My sister has already written about Pumpkin on this website, but Pumpkin was my baby, and I need to let everyone know. She was an absolutely beautiful Staffordshire terrier, so well mannered, so entertaining. When you were playing rough with her and you wanted to stop, she just knew what you wanted. She was perfect in every single way. And she was totally healthy and young.

One night my boyfriend and I used Hartz Ultragard flea drops on her and everything was fine. The next night we were playing fetch, tug of war, and she was doing all kinds of tricks. Nothing was wrong. I fell asleep on the couch for about 30 minutes when my boyfriend woke me up so we could go to bed. We said goodnight to Pumpkin who was sleeping at our feet, but she didn’t move. I was still half asleep, hoping I was just having a nightmare. She was barely breathing, helpless. My boyfriend gave her mouth to mouth, CPR, but within seconds she was gone. She died in our arms. She never gave any signs of being sick. When I called a 24 hour pet hospital to take care of her, the receptionist said Hartz is horrible for pets and apparently things like this happen all the time. I couldn’t believe it.

I just have to ask, why Pumpkin? She was given the most amount of love possible, she had a great life with people around her all the time. There are hundreds of other animals that don’t get the kind of love Pumpkin had, so why did it have to be her? It’s not fair. And as I sit here sobbing, I wonder if I’ll ever have another companion quite like her.

Alleged Adverse Reactions

On Friday the 13th (of all days) at 5:30pm, I applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze on for dogs 9-20 pounds to my two 13 and 14 pound Dachshunds.  About four hours later I began to notice that both dogs seemed somewhat disoriented and were acting strangely.  The younger dog, Sarah was continuously salivating and drooling, and dachshunds just don’t drool.  I immediately knew that something was wrong.  My husband gave the two dogs a bath with diswashing detergeant and I called the manufacturer.  I was told that she just had a “bad taste in her mouth” and to “give her plenty of food and water.”  As a nursing student and having patient care experience….I thought that response was strange.

I searched the box for a list or a pamphlet of adverse reactions…………and there is none.  Infact, the only warnings on the box and a chance of sensitivity, not to give to cats, and it may harm humans and domestic animals.

A few hours later, the older dog, Saydi began to show high signs of anxiety, excitability and tremors.   I immediately called the emergancy vet to find out if I should take her in.  Researching the company and the pesticides really scared me.  The vet told me NOT TO USE THIS BRAND.  That is is known for killing animals on FREQUENT occassions, and that my pets were possibly poisoned.  She advised me to give them buttered bread and to carefully watch the dogs for seizures or drunkeness, and to bring them in immediately if those signs are observed.

Going to the company for answers does not help…at all.  I got a response accusing me of not using the dosage properly or applying to sick animals causing the “alleged adverse reactions.”  My animals are not sick, and I used to product as directed.  And their defense is saying that it approved by the EPA.

I am urging everyone to spread the word about this harmful product, and to BOYCOTT any kind of product that Hartz puts out under any name.  Changing the name doesn’t make the product any less harmful.

Lets leave the control of the pet population to Bob Barker.

Don’t use: Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick

I recently bought Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick and it was the worst experience. About an hour after applying it on my two Siberian Huskies they immediately were chewing crazy at where it was applied on there backs. It was sooo bad that one of my dogs could not stay still and cried like a baby tossing and turning not be able to sleep. He was foaming at the mouth and drooling. I had to put him in the bath numerous times and scrub that Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick product off. Not to mention it hurt them so bad when I was scrubbing it. It was awful like a chemical burn!! I used the right dosage and applied in the right areas as I have used flea products for many years but never seen anything like this. One of my dogs had a bald spot on his back area right before his tale and his skin was raw. My other dog had his skin get eaten by this product and now has an open wound. I am so upset as to why such a product is allowed on the market because it hurt my babies!



Hartz did it again

I used the Hartz flea and tick unknowing that it was different…leathal.  Thankfully, I my cat went in to tremors and i recognized the problem and got him to the hostpital.  $550.00 later, my cat came home.  My other cat, did not have a reaction except both cat had burn spots on their necks.  You know there is an obvious problem when you walk into a vet hospital and the receptionist looks across the counter and asks if you used hartz tick medicine on the cat.  Sad that this type of product is on the market.

Hartz Advanced Care Flea&Tick Drops Plus Nightmare

I used a second tube of Hartz Advanced Plus on my 14 year old German Short Hair and she is now disoriented, not eating, bleeding and having trouble standing.  Her eyes are glazed and it does not appear that she will live until morning.  I put the medicine on her two days ago and found her in her kennel this evening in this horrible state.  I have been on the internet trying to find out what was wrong with her–(we live in a very rural area with no pet hospital near)–when I came across this site!  I had no idea what this company or medicine had done to other pets.  This is awful and I feel so guilty.  This dog, Sadie, has been wonderful and healthy for all of these years and I put flea/tick medicine on her and she is dying. I will be calling Hartz tomorrow.  I will pass this on to everyone I know.

Sergeants/Hartz Gold has my lab in the pet hospital!

I bought the Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on for my 15 month old 77 # dog and applied it yesterday morning.  By 10pm he wasn’t acting right.  I figured that he was having a bad reaction to the flea stuff and gave him a bath to clean it off. By 1:30 am he was restless and couldn’t stop moving and twitching.  I called the vets office and they had me give him benedryl.  I woke up at 5am to him having seizures!  He has been having seizures on and off all day.  By 1:30 pm he was at the vets office where they said that the Hartz/Seargeant’s product is toxic and a poisen and he was having symptoms of the toxicity from it.  They are now giving him an “antidote” and bathed him in Dawn detergent to get rid of any residual poisen.  This stuff is supposed to stay in his system for 1 month!  He is still seizing and will probably need another dose of the antidote.  They are keeping him over night and maybe longer.