HARTZ Flea and Tick killed my new puppy

I was totally appauled when I read the articles. This product should be banned. I adopted a puppy from a rescue.. he was a little shy when he first got here, but needed a flea and tick bath ! I stopped at a grocery store and bought the Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo¬†( safe for dogs and puppies ) or so I thought.I gave him a bath on Saturday night – he was full of pep on Sunday running in the field – like a new dog. I noticed he still had some fleas and ticks on him so I gave him another bath – worst mistake of my life. By Monday morning he had loose stool and loss of appetite .. I thought it was just the stress of the transit from Alabama¬† . I had made a Vet appointment for Tuesday because he was a new addition to my family and they wanted us to have him checked at the vets .By Tuesday mornig he had not gotten any better and he had started to vomit bile .Took him to the vet who just thought he had a nasty virus. Had to bring him back Wednesday morning ..he had not impro ved with the fluids and antibioctics. They kept him all day administering fluids and IV’s. They let him go home at 4 pm ..at 9 pm I had to bring him to the Emergency Clinic – he looked horrible . He passed away at 11pm.Thursday night my husband was taking a shower when he noticed the shampoo inside the tub. In bold letters on the front it stated SAFE FOR DOGS AND PUPPIES. My husband made the comment that maybe he was too young .. then we went online to research the product. It was the HARTZ flea and Tick Shampoo that killed my precious cargo!!

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