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A couple nights ago, our beloved cat Iggy (whom I’ve had for 13 years) SUFFERED a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE death. She has always been a thin, young acting cat who never seemed to age. She’s an indoor cat, but recently developed a flea problem that spread throughout our house. Due to our economic situation, instead of going to the vet and getting Advantage like we usually do, I bought Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick drops at Walmart. We had put the drops on her a couple days prior. We noticed she was leaving clumps of hair around the house, that her water intake increased, she wasn’t eating and she had vomited clear mucus. Since she has had a sensitive stomach her whole life, is persnickety, and is often picky about eating, we didn’t think a lot of it right away. My husband just thought she’s getting old, and I figured she was mad at us for putting the medicine on her and was refusing to clean herself.  Two days later, she was fine in the morning, rubbing up against my husband for affection. He went to bed that night while I was in the office working, and he heard her gasping for air from under the bed. He found her laying on her side, struggling to breath. When he pulled her from under the bed, she was gasping for air, vomiting dark green bile, defacating, and jerking around. The stuff coming out of her was GREEN!!! IT WAS HORRIBLE. It happened so fast, that all he could do was stroke her and comfort her while she died in his arms and tell her it was ok to go, because he knew she was in excruciating pain. He buried her under a tree the next morning while I watched from the kitchen window, crying.

He was sure that her liver failed due to old age. I wasn’t convinced, and thought it seemed like she was poisoned and asked my husband if he thought the Hartz flea drops did it.  He assured me it was just old age, but I was thinking he was just telling me that to keep me from feeling I poisoned my cat to death. I haven’t been able to let it go the past 2 days, playing everything over and over in my mind. So, I just started researching liver & kidney failure in cats. Didn’t seem like she fit the traditional. Then I did a Google search on “Hartz” and immediately found your website.

Needless to say I am ENRAGED to find out that Hartz is what probably killed Iggy!!!!!!!   I just called my husband, and he is shocked as well.  How can that company be ALLOWED TO STAY IN BUSINESS WITH SOOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE SAYING THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????  It’s like living in an episode of the Twilight Zone!  It completely DOESN’T MAKE SENSE that they have been allowed to continue in business!!!! Furthermore, I’ve been a pet owner most of my like. WHY HAVEN’T I EVER HEARD ANY OF THESE REPORTS????? WHY AREN’T THERE HUGE NEON SIGNS POSTED IN VETS’ OFFICES if they are all saying “I hope you didn’t put Hartz on your pet!”?????

THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something has GOT TO BE DONE to put them out of business

Thank you for providing a means for allowing me to vent, so my healing can begin. Thank you also for creating this website as a way to help stop this horrific cruelty, torture, and murder of innocent animals and our beloved family members (our pets).

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  1. I used sergeants flea/tick stuff on 4 of my cats 1 died a few hours later of a horrible death. Foaming at the mouth, seizures, Sweetie was so far gone. OMG! Then the next morning our little ill cat Koty started with the tremors, shakes, dialated pupils so ran to the vet and had to put her down. Then Tigger and Buttons the next day reacted the same way. They got to the vet in time. They are going to be ok and can come home today. I almost lost all my furry children. Why are they allowed to sell these products that are killing our pets. Something needs to be done and no one seems to care in the gov. about it anyone know of class-action suits against sergeants company or anything. Please write on here. They need to be stopped before this horrible thing breaks more hearts out there.

  2. I just used Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Spray on two kittens (old enough to be sprayed, according to the bottle). I had no clue how unsafe this stuff was. Once you search it, you find tons of testimonials about how horrible it is, but neither of us had any reason to do that. Hartz is a pet product my family, and I’m sure you, trusted. I would also like to know why there aren’t huge posters in the vet office and other animal facilities. Nobody has ever warned me of this. The vet’s office told me it is “basically poison in a bottle.” Why don’t they publicize it then? I was told that they can get in legal trouble if they open their mouth about it and try to fight it legally/in court. You should discuss with your vet to see if he thinks this is what killed your cat. I definitely think it is. You need to complain to Hartz until they do something. Obviously, they aren’t going to stop producing the product. Yet, you should get them to pay for your vet bills and grief! If enough people do it then maybe they’ll get tired of having to pay everyone off!
    It looks like my kittens are going to make it, but I was scared they wouldn’t. One is still having trouble walking and is possibly blind now. They were not supposed to be my cats. I was keeping them until I could find good homes. How am I supposed to find a home for that poor kitten that could have life-long effects of this stuff? I feel so guilty, just as you do. We were only trying to do what we thought was right.

  3. Summer is upon us and the flee and tick season is now in full swing.
    Our innocent pets are being poisoned by over-the-counter products. Our personal experience is with the brand Hartz, but the dangerous are not limited to just that company, although most of the reports are in relation to the Hartz brand, it is not limited entirely to them. We need to educate the public to be aware of the immediate and most often fatal symptoms these products can initiate. Please help us to spread the word to family, friends, enamies and strangers alike, pet stores, vet clinics, humane societies and bark parks, anything you can think of. Thank you for your immediate cooperation with this matter.

    In Loving Memory of “Cheeto” go to

    Blenda & Jerome
    June 30th, 2008 @3:30 pm

    SAD in North Dakota 701.240.7752?
    We lost our most adorable dog, CHEETO this past Friday, June 27, 2008 to what we strongly know to believe, the Hartz 3 in 1 Reflecting Control Collar for Dogs (UPC 3270004183) purchased at our local K-Mart store. Cheeto shared in all the symptoms such as (green) vomiting, weakness, labored breathing and hair loss in bunches, just to name some of the symptoms. These symptoms all started after the collar was placed around his neck. He was always a healthy dog, that is until he was introduced to this poisonous collar which ultimately took his innocent life right before our eyes.?When I contacted the Hartz Company, they immediately took steps to help us and did not once deny that the collar was the instigator of the symptoms. I truly expected them to defend their product to be safe, but they did not argue with me regarding my suspicions of Cheeto being poisoned by their collar. They cooperated with me and were willing to work with our vet to get Cheeto the help he so desperately needed. The problem with that is that the product they are manufacturing is so deadly that Cheeto passed away in just a short time of calling the vet to make the antidote arrangements. These items are ultimately the deadliest of products and the symptoms come on so fast that they is no time to save them even once you know what you are dealing with and they certainly have NO business being on shelves in ANY stores to be sold to consumers to use on any living creatures.?The product is so unfit that the label actually states?HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS What are they for, skunks, racoons, badgers, ???????????????? I believe that dogs and cats qualify as domestic animals and we the people as humans, so why in the world is the product(s) even allowed to be manufactured and distributed to be sold???????Anyway, our precious CHEETO is forever gone and now the tears are all we have. We are left to live on this earth without him knowing that we placed the poison around his neck that ultimately took him to his early grave leaving?3 little boys behind to now resort to sitting next to his grave to talk to him and wish that they could pet him, hug him, walk him, run with him and just plain love him unconditionally, while their parents feel the guilt of being the ones who actually placed the product of poison around the best friend and loyal companion they ever had. He was a member of our family. He was the foundation of our happiness and our world evolved around coming home to him every night to his wagging tail and unconditional love. Our family is now BROKEN all in thanks to HARTZ!!? At the very least, the Hartz products should be recalled from all shelves until they can prove their products to be safe. If they cannot place their products on the shelves without a warning of hazardous to humans and domestic animals then their products have absolutely no business being manufactured, it is no good for any living thing. Until they can develop and create a safe product to sell, they shouldn’t be on the market!
    Broken-hearted in North Dakota


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