Hartz… a word that makes my blood boil!

My first thought upon coming across this web site… Why am I just finding this out now.  I am mad at myself for not doing my research before putting the Hartz flea and tick drops on my 2 pugs-  my first two babies.  Thank god I acted quickly.  The result was still bad, but my 2 black pugs are alive and seem to be doing well.  Both ended up with hugs staff infections.  After about 1,000 dollars in vet bills and a lot of quick action they seem to be back to their usual selves.

After applying Hartz Flea and Tick Drops according to the instructions, Rocky, my one year old immediately started to act a little crazy…  MUCH more that normal.  Both dogs were trying to rub it off and were whining like they were being “burnt”…. they were.. it was like acid on their skin,  and who knows what the product was doing to their insides.  After they had scratched and whined for the rest of the day, I bathed them twice, then took them to the vet in the am.  Rocky had a patch about 3×2 inches that was oozing puss.  Jordan, who is older and bigger faired a little better and just had small patched of infected spots.
As soon as I brought them into my vet, she took one look and said, did you by chance put Hartz on them.  I was crying as I admitted that I had used an over the counter flea and tick drop instead of the Frontline that I had always used.  I felt disgusted when she explained that she sees that all the time with this Hartz  product in particular, in addition to other products that they have on the market.  She explained how the product works… the end of the story was that Hartz had “poisoned” my dogs.  And that they know that there is a major problem with this product, but will not pull it of the shelf…  Big money maker for those who don’t use vets regularly or have the money to afford the more expensive “vet approved” brands.

I can hardly believe that so many animals have been affected and that they can continue to sell this product.  Shame on anyone associated with the Hartz Company.  I feel for those who have lost their pets.  I am so mad, that something cannot be done.  I will join anyone who needs another story.  Meanwhile, I am going to do by best to make something happen.  I have emailed all of my groups and people and have told my story to anyone that will listen.  I will call and email Hartz everyday until I get something in response from Hartz.  I don’t care about the money,  I just don’t want any dog or cat to suffer or be killed by Hartz.


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