Untimely Deaths

I also was a victim to the Hartz Flea and Tick spray and my daughters poor little babies are lost forever. This product should be banned from shelves and the manufacturing of it should be stopped immediately. It is bad enough, our society does have cruel people who exist but knowingly this product KILLS, is even much more cruel. The ASPCA should take action against the company and put  a stop to selling this product over the counter. If I would had knowledge that this product could be fatal, I would have never used it! The general public needs to be made aware and people should be held accountable. You have to wonder if the people who make this product use it on their own animals.  I can assure you that they don’t  but laugh that us consumers purchase it and they make a profit. Wonder how they sleep at night, knowing that how many families they have destroyed.

Thank you for your time and May God bless all of the animals lost to Hartz.


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