In Memory of Gumdrop

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use flea drops on your cat or dog. My sister put Sergeants Flea drops on her cat and she is no longer with us. She had many of the same symptoms as stated by other pet owners such as vomiting, loss of appetite, seizures etc…. She was perfectly fine beforehand. It’s a horrible outrage that these products still continue on store shelves. We’ve learned a hard lesson and encourage others to please find alternatives to flea control. Gumdrop was a big part of our lives and is sorely missed.

One thought on “In Memory of Gumdrop”

  1. Hi I lost 2 cats and 2 others that were very ill from the sergeants flea drops for cats. There has got to be something we all can do about this. These products have to come off the shelves. They are killing our furry children. DO NOT BUY ANY OVER-THE-COUNTER FLEA DROPS I don’t care how cheap it is. Get stuff from a vet or go natural ways. vit.b1 I think with the brewers yeast also takes care of fleas. Anyone out there have any class action suits against this company please let me know. I would like to get involved. I loved all my furry kids and miss the two that died so much. please blog or comment on here if anyone has any information about law-suits. They need to be stopped!!

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