I have two dogs, both pound pooches ages seven and two.  They are chewers, so I thought I would treat both dogs to the Hartz DENTAL CHEWS.  The younger dog is crated when no one is home.  Upon arriving home from work the morning after the dogs ate the chews, I discovered he had terrible diarrhea and had vomited in his crate.  He was able to escape, and had poo all over the house.  What a mess! The next day, my husband came home to find the older dog had an accident in the house with the same mucousy diarrhea mess as the younger dog.  Neither of these dogs have accidents in the house, did not get into something else outside or have any other reason for this to happen.  I will not use Hartz products again.

One thought on “Beware of DENTAL CHEWS!”

  1. Hartz dental chew caused a bowel obstruction! My Boston Terrier is out of surgery and not doing well due to this chew toy causing 5 ruptures!!!

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