my kitten died today because of Hartz milk replacement

I am very sad and angry today.  My cat roxy had kittens, but got bored of feeding them at four weeks old.  They were getting very weak, but after feeding them KMR they were flourishing.  I brought them to my mother’s house because I have to work all day and couldn’t come home every few hours to feed them.  She ran out of the KMR so she called some vets in her area and they told her to go get whatever they had at walmart, so she picked up the Hartz stuff.  This morning was the first time she gave it to them and soon after she noticed vomiting and diarea all over the place.  She immediately took them to my vet accross town and by the time she arrived what was the largest, strongest, most active of the bunch could barely move, his eyes were rolling back in his head, and was in abvious pain. I got there as soon as I could and had to give the doctor permisson to put him asleep.  I couldn’t bare seeing him like that and really it was the only decision a person with a heart could do.  Thankfully the other three were strong enough to come home but now I’m at square one.  They seem almost scared to eat.  I just cannot bare the thought of losing another.  This never needed to happen and only did because some big company cares more about money than the lives of its helpless victims.  My heart is broken.  Thanks alot Hartz.

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