Sergeants Gold Squeeze? Bad for Cats?

My 8 month kitty Melvin escaped last week and came home bearing the gift of fleas. I have another cat I’m afraid he is going to expose  and since I once lived in a flea invested apartment before, I don’t want to relieve that horrible, itchy battle!!

So I went to Target an hour ago and but Sergeants Gold squeeze on formula. It was pretty cheap so I was weary of how effective it would be, but since I cant afford frontline I thought I’d give it a try. I also bought Hartz flea and tick home spray (haven’t used it yet.) I want to get rid of those buggars if they are in my carpet!

I applied it to my other cat first Zeus, since Melvin is a skiddish rescue cat who rarely lets me touch him. A few minutes later I notice that he was desperately trying to lick is back. I was afraid that I may have misplaced a drop, so I got worried and typed in the product name on google. I somehow font a link to this website. Although this isn’t a Hartz product I got frightened and washed Zeus in with dishwater soap (I don’t have Dawn.)

I’d say the product had been on him for about 5minutes. Should I be worried? What signs should I look out for? I haven’t applied it to my flea infested cat. Would it be a bad idea to use the Hartz home spray?

I don’t want to hurt my cats, by I don’t want these fleas to start eating us all alive eitiher!! Any ideas??

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  1. Please do not use Hartz spray either. I read horror stories about it as well as many other Hartz products. Please call your vet and see if there is anything else they will recommend. Save your kitties from the suffering. Good Luck!

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