My baby is gone

My sister has already written about Pumpkin on this website, but Pumpkin was my baby, and I need to let everyone know. She was an absolutely beautiful Staffordshire terrier, so well mannered, so entertaining. When you were playing rough with her and you wanted to stop, she just knew what you wanted. She was perfect in every single way. And she was totally healthy and young.

One night my boyfriend and I used Hartz Ultragard flea drops on her and everything was fine. The next night we were playing fetch, tug of war, and she was doing all kinds of tricks. Nothing was wrong. I fell asleep on the couch for about 30 minutes when my boyfriend woke me up so we could go to bed. We said goodnight to Pumpkin who was sleeping at our feet, but she didn’t move. I was still half asleep, hoping I was just having a nightmare. She was barely breathing, helpless. My boyfriend gave her mouth to mouth, CPR, but within seconds she was gone. She died in our arms. She never gave any signs of being sick. When I called a 24 hour pet hospital to take care of her, the receptionist said Hartz is horrible for pets and apparently things like this happen all the time. I couldn’t believe it.

I just have to ask, why Pumpkin? She was given the most amount of love possible, she had a great life with people around her all the time. There are hundreds of other animals that don’t get the kind of love Pumpkin had, so why did it have to be her? It’s not fair. And as I sit here sobbing, I wonder if I’ll ever have another companion quite like her.

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