Hartz need’s to stop killing our pet’s!!!!!!!

I used the flea and tick product on my 16 month old dog and i almost killed her with this product. I applied it on her and 2 days later i was walking her and she colapsed on me and couldn’t stand. We took her to the vet and when the vet seen the Hartz package in my hand they said………I HOPE YOU DIDN’T USE THAT ON YOUR DOG. They did bloodwork on my dog and it came back that she had Liver Failure. The vet said it was fron a toxic ingredient in the Hartz product. 400.00 it cost for meds,  bloodwork and follow up bloodwork. So far she is fine but the vet wants to see her in 3 months for a final follow up. I called the Hartz company to complain and i was told they never had any complaints about thier product. When i told them about this site they said they will not listen to anything i tell them about the internet that anyone could make up stories.

2 thoughts on “Hartz need’s to stop killing our pet’s!!!!!!!”

  1. I would have the vet who treated your pet call up Hartz. See where that gets you. Call up Dept of Consumer Affairs and ask about filing a complaint. You will need your vet to fill out paperwork. Contact the headquarters of where you purchased the product ie- don’t contact the local Walmart where you may have purchased it, but contact the main headquarters, let them know that a product they are SELLING has done to your pet, and let them know what legal actions you are taking with Hartz.

  2. I know they have had complaints before. My vet told me that people have complained enough that they got their vet bills paid for. I have also seen various testimonials online where people have contacted the company and complained! Don’t stop calling, emailing, anything you can do.

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