Don’t use: Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick

I recently bought Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick and it was the worst experience. About an hour after applying it on my two Siberian Huskies they immediately were chewing crazy at where it was applied on there backs. It was sooo bad that one of my dogs could not stay still and cried like a baby tossing and turning not be able to sleep. He was foaming at the mouth and drooling. I had to put him in the bath numerous times and scrub that Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick product off. Not to mention it hurt them so bad when I was scrubbing it. It was awful like a chemical burn!! I used the right dosage and applied in the right areas as I have used flea products for many years but never seen anything like this. One of my dogs had a bald spot on his back area right before his tale and his skin was raw. My other dog had his skin get eaten by this product and now has an open wound. I am so upset as to why such a product is allowed on the market because it hurt my babies!



5 thoughts on “Don’t use: Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick”

  1. we put sergeant”s gold on both of our goldens, Sunday evening and by Tuesday both of my dogs had raw and bleeding spots on their back where this sergeant’s gold was applied
    I have never use any of this product before and believe me I will never use any thing from( Sergeant )again please lets find away to get this awful stuff off the market , I truely wish I would have checked this product on line first my fault that I didn’t

  2. I just bought Sergeants Evolve I will never every buy this product again, it must have to much of something in it as my dogs looked like someone burned them an hour after I put it on them they started barking and going mad trying to bite where it was applied, also there hair started falling out, this needs removed off store shelfs, not save for pets, I am very upset about this,

  3. Never buy this product! It is one of the worst you could put on your animal. If you made the mistake of doing so, wash it off immediately.

  4. I wish I had looked this information up before I purchased
    Sergeant’s Evolve for my dog. Shortly after applying, my dog
    acted like she was going crazy, running around, trying to scratch. We finally put her in the bathtub and gave her a bath
    with doggy shampoo. She is still a little upset today, but I
    think she would rather have fleas. (She didn’t have fleas but
    was around some dogs at the veterinarians office and I wanted
    to be sure she didn’t get any.)

  5. I’m so sorry you all experienced the issues I did with this product. If your dogs start acting strange after applying immediately wash them with dish soap! It will remove it the best! Right after this happened I sent sergeant an email and they just sent me an apology letter and small bag of dog treats! I was like really, my dogs almost died?!

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