Alleged Adverse Reactions

On Friday the 13th (of all days) at 5:30pm, I applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze on for dogs 9-20 pounds to my two 13 and 14 pound Dachshunds.  About four hours later I began to notice that both dogs seemed somewhat disoriented and were acting strangely.  The younger dog, Sarah was continuously salivating and drooling, and dachshunds just don’t drool.  I immediately knew that something was wrong.  My husband gave the two dogs a bath with diswashing detergeant and I called the manufacturer.  I was told that she just had a “bad taste in her mouth” and to “give her plenty of food and water.”  As a nursing student and having patient care experience….I thought that response was strange.

I searched the box for a list or a pamphlet of adverse reactions…………and there is none.  Infact, the only warnings on the box and a chance of sensitivity, not to give to cats, and it may harm humans and domestic animals.

A few hours later, the older dog, Saydi began to show high signs of anxiety, excitability and tremors.   I immediately called the emergancy vet to find out if I should take her in.  Researching the company and the pesticides really scared me.  The vet told me NOT TO USE THIS BRAND.  That is is known for killing animals on FREQUENT occassions, and that my pets were possibly poisoned.  She advised me to give them buttered bread and to carefully watch the dogs for seizures or drunkeness, and to bring them in immediately if those signs are observed.

Going to the company for answers does not help…at all.  I got a response accusing me of not using the dosage properly or applying to sick animals causing the “alleged adverse reactions.”  My animals are not sick, and I used to product as directed.  And their defense is saying that it approved by the EPA.

I am urging everyone to spread the word about this harmful product, and to BOYCOTT any kind of product that Hartz puts out under any name.  Changing the name doesn’t make the product any less harmful.

Lets leave the control of the pet population to Bob Barker.

4 thoughts on “Alleged Adverse Reactions”

  1. I Totally agree. I used Hartz on my animals, I had a dog, two cats. one of my cats was very close to my dog, they would cuddle when they slept. After applying the treatment that evening, we went to bed.. next day both cats were acting just as you described, and when the one cat who sleeps w my dog began to have lagg in his hind end, we immidiately rushed him to my vet. during the trip he began having seziures, vomiting, the other cat peed herself and couldnt hold still. End result? My baby kitty died of toxic levels of the product in him, manufacturer says it possibly rubbed off the dog and onto the cat, and enough to kill him? they totally didnt care, but to add insult to injury, it didnt even dent the flea problem it was applied to help in the first place. Really, please dont make the same mistake i did, save your pets the vet visit and do not touch this product.

  2. I applied the same brand of medication only it was the cat version, on my cat and he had a similar reaction. Immediately, he became disoriented and started acting strange. I plan on taking him to the vet as soon as I can but I suspect he is poisoned.

  3. I too put the Sergeants gold on my 45 lb dog as she started acting strange in as little as a half hour , she cried all night and was restless and the next day she started chasing things on the floor that were not there, i called the vet and they told me to wash her with dawn , even though i had already gave her a bath w/ a dog oatmeal shampoo, the vet advised me to wash her again with DAWN and give her a adult Benadryl for she is over 45lbs, and bread and butter to absorb the poison, if your dog has the same symptoms and you can make it of afford the trip to the vet at least call them . i am going to take out a add in the local paper and warn people of Sergeants Gold also i am going to go back to where i purchased the product and place sticky notes on the back of each box warning people that this product is harmful and provide this website or another so people will be aware. please tell all your pet loving friends and family about it as well , i just hope my dog pulls through

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