Sergeants/Hartz Gold has my lab in the pet hospital!

I bought the Sergeant’s Gold flea & tick squeeze-on for my 15 month old 77 # dog and applied it yesterday morning.  By 10pm he wasn’t acting right.  I figured that he was having a bad reaction to the flea stuff and gave him a bath to clean it off. By 1:30 am he was restless and couldn’t stop moving and twitching.  I called the vets office and they had me give him benedryl.  I woke up at 5am to him having seizures!  He has been having seizures on and off all day.  By 1:30 pm he was at the vets office where they said that the Hartz/Seargeant’s product is toxic and a poisen and he was having symptoms of the toxicity from it.  They are now giving him an “antidote” and bathed him in Dawn detergent to get rid of any residual poisen.  This stuff is supposed to stay in his system for 1 month!  He is still seizing and will probably need another dose of the antidote.  They are keeping him over night and maybe longer.

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  1. i also have been sick for 7 days now if it dont get any better soon i will go the hospital my mouth burns like i have eat a hot pepper. also my 2 4 year old babys were very sick thank god i got it off of them real quick. but it was touch and go for days thefunny think is my other 4 year old and my 14 year old were just fine but i wash them just as fast. and when i call sereants all they said it not soak into the skin its just a gel so i said ok then if that the case then why do i fill so sick and she had the nerve to tell me i must have put my hands in my mouth well itold her that i was 54 years old and i was smart enough not to lick my finger then i told her i was going to krogers and have them pull it of the shelfs. then she said well i didnt have to that they would contact them well i hang up and call krogers and the manager call me and said he had pull it also he had call sereants and the lady lie to him she said she had never heard of and complaints he said that was fuuny because he had talk to me then she said oh that right i just talk to her why did you just tell me you never had any complaints so she didnt say anything. after he hang up he went on the iternet i told him about and he said he was so sorry and pull it for me now iam going to hit walmart and then have them pull it to. sereants has call and left alot of messeages but my husband say the hell with them they can go and get screwed. thank you for letter i well help any way i can.

  2. I just got back from the ER vet, it’s Saturday July 26th 2008. I applied this CRAP at 8pm. By 10pm, I thought my GSD’s leg had fallen asleep. I went to bed and was awaken by her stumbling into doors and furniture! I ran her to the ER vet in the next town 30 minutes away, paid 117 for a bath!

    I’m so going to sue.

  3. I applied this CRAP to my pomeranian and almost immediately she started acting weird so I bathed her to get the stuff off. Its been two days and she is still itching a little, but with baths and benedryl she seems to be doing a lot better. Unfortunately and luckily the same adverse reactions have happened to others so I found out quickly how to help her! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS ALLOWED ON SHELVES!!!

  4. I used this Saturday afternoon at about 3 pm on my 9 month rat terrier and also on my 9 year old rat terrier. Within an hour, the puppy was yelping and crying. I gave both dogs a bath with aloe/oatmeal dog shampoo. The puppy was still crying, so I called the 800 number on the box and was told to give them a Dawn bath and then put vitamin e on the place it had been applied. She also told me that the reason both dogs were drooling was because they had licked the spot. How does a dog lick between their shoulder blades? I called my own vet on his emergency number after the older dog started developing paralysis and both dogs were drooling non-stop. After his screams, he told me to rush them to the emergency room, that this product was known to kill animals and he doesn’t know it’s still on the market. My older dog had to stay overnight, on IV’s and two injections of robaxin to stop the tremors. The younger pup was given an injection of atropine and was able to come home. They still are not right, and I would love to join in a lawsuit to remove this product from the market.

  5. I bought the Sergeant’s silver drops and put them on my 2 year old Chihuahua. He started to immediately try to rub it off, which I figured wasn’t unusual. Within an hour though, he was jumping around crazy, trying to hide behind things then jumping up again, trying to scratch his back where the drops were with his right back leg. I took a towel with soap and water and tried wiping it off of him. It didn’t help. He then started licking his right back foot and his back leg kept convulsing. I put him in the tub and gave him a bath with natural dog shampoo. It helped a little, but he was still having trouble with his back leg and now he kept licking the air with his tongue like he had something on it. We called poison control (since it was now after 11 pm) and they told us to bath him in dish soap up to 3 times and then put vitamin E on his skin if we had it. They told us to get him to drink some tuna water to get the taste out of his mouth. After we did all of this, he was a lot better, but still couldn’t calm down enough to sleep. I gave him a small amount of Benedryl. At 2 am I ended up bathing him once more. We finally got him more comfortable around dawn and we missed work to sleep and watch that he was ok. The next day, he still had trouble with his foot. It seemed to hurt him every time he stepped. I had to carry him outside to get him to use the bathroom. He is almost back to normal now, still a little sluggish. This is definately a product that shouldn’t be on the shelves.

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