Hartz Advanced Care Flea&Tick Drops Plus Nightmare

I used a second tube of Hartz Advanced Plus on my 14 year old German Short Hair and she is now disoriented, not eating, bleeding and having trouble standing.  Her eyes are glazed and it does not appear that she will live until morning.  I put the medicine on her two days ago and found her in her kennel this evening in this horrible state.  I have been on the internet trying to find out what was wrong with her–(we live in a very rural area with no pet hospital near)–when I came across this site!  I had no idea what this company or medicine had done to other pets.  This is awful and I feel so guilty.  This dog, Sadie, has been wonderful and healthy for all of these years and I put flea/tick medicine on her and she is dying. I will be calling Hartz tomorrow.  I will pass this on to everyone I know.

2 thoughts on “Hartz Advanced Care Flea&Tick Drops Plus Nightmare”

  1. This morning I put Hartz flea control and now im watching her die. she is having sezuires, her eyes are dilated, and she cant walk keeps stumbling and falling, I took her to the vet he did what he could do so i brought Dutchess home to be with us. If this has happened to you please e mail me at [email protected]. I think we need to get to gather and make sure no other cats ever die from hartz again.

  2. I am so sorry about Dutchess. Consider me on board. Whatever actions you want to take, I am 100% behind you. I am the owner of Scooby.

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