Hartz flea&tick should be taken off the shelves!

Last week I applied hartz flea&tick medicine to the two of my cats. The next morning i immediatley noticed Maddy (the youngest of the two, 10mos) wasn’t acting like herself. She seemed to be real tired and layed in the corner behind things all day. It was at the same time it got really hot outside so i figured it was the heat. But a few days past and she was still acting the same way… When she would get up to walk her legs were like paralyzed and her body hung real low to the ground. She wouldn’t eat anything even though you could tell she was hungry. She was real disoriented, falling over and such. I got her an appt at the vet and it’s confirmed… Hartz flea medicine poisoned my cat! I did some research on the internet about it and what i found out really surprised me. Hundreds of pages and newspaper articles of people talking about similar occasions. My vet told me today that the reason they are allowed to keep the product on the shelf is because it doesn’t affect all pets only some.  See when hartz recalls the products (which they have) all they do is alter it just a little and put it right back on the shelf. My cat had to be put on iv antibiotics and fluids to try and flush her system out. Keyword “try” Vet bill is going to be couple hundred dollars. Definitly not worth the five dollars you spend at wal mart on these brands. My other cat on the other hand is fine.

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