Sergeant’s Gold SUCKS!!

I feel like it’s my own fault for trying to save some money. I was deceived by the fact that it said “better than frontline plus”. I had to rush my baby Rory to the ER vet at 1 in the morning because she was having adverse reactions. She was drooling uncontrollably. Her entire body was wet with her saliva. She was running back and forth whimpering, shoving her head underneath things, as if trying to get something off of her. I had remembered that I put the flea stuff on her a couple hours earlier. I trusted this product to do nothing more than protect my baby from fleas. Anyway, we got to the ER, they immediately called poison control. They gave her a de-greasing bath to get the crap off of her. They rinsed out her mouth, her paws and everything else. They gave her a shot to make her feel better. After 2 hours I had my baby back.

One thought on “Sergeant’s Gold SUCKS!!”

  1. My father applied Sergeant’s to his cat several days ago…within hours she was twitching, drooling,moaning, and moving at a crouch. By the time these symptoms presented themselves the vet was closed. He washed as much as he could with Dawn, but I think it was probably too late. She yowled all night, and by the next morning seemed as though she wanted to crawl right out of her skin. She couldn’t be still for anything. Dad took her to the vet, and they gave her a muscle relaxer and Benedryl. It was more than 24 hours before she stopped twitching. She’s still not feeling well, and after reading some of these stories I realize that we were lucky not to lose her. Why is this poison still on the market?!

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