Segeant’s Gold Nearly Killed My Cocker Spaniel

Applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On on my 10-month old Cocker Spaniel Saturday night at 9:30.  Noticed that she was pretty restless till bedtime.  The next morning she woke up at 4am.  Wouldn’t go back to sleep after that.  She also wouldn’t sit still.  She just paced the floor, back and forth.  We left her alone for 3 hours while we went to church.  When we returned, we were frightened to find that she was foaming at the mouth, throwing up, still pacing, and scratching herself all over.

Called the Sergeant’s help line and they immediately took notes on my name, address, phone number, dog’s name, etc.  The consultant told me that I should bath her 2 to 3 times in Dawn dish detergent, give her juice from a can of tuna to cover up the oily medicine that was probably still present in her mouth, and give her liquids as much as possible.  He even told me that I might have to take her to the vet to have intrevenous fluids administered to avoid dehydration.

I could not get an appointment with a vet today, Sunday, so we’re waiting it out.  She’s thrown up for about 7 hours straight.  She drank the juice from the tuna can, but this seemed to make her throw up immediately.  I washed her 3 times with the dish detergent, but she still couldn’t sit still.  In fact, I am about to bathe her again after I finish typing.  I know she’s tired, but she just can’t lie down long enough to go to sleep.  It looks like I’ll have a vet bill tomorrow.

How can this product still be on the market?

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  1. My story regarding Sergeant’s Gold is very similar. My dog was acting erradically after I put it on him. The helpline gave me the same advice (tuna water, bath with dish soap)..he was dry-heaving, etc. and shaking.
    We worked to get it off his skin but my roommate and myself are now suffering from it…it got on my face during the bath and it’s that potent that it lasted on my mouth for hours. Today, a day after, we both feel like we have Icy-Hot in our eyes. It burns and tingles and I can’t wear contacts…last night was terrible for my dog and myself and it has lasting effects on your animal and on humans if there is any contact!
    This is a disappointingly terrible product. I’m disgusted.

  2. I’m SO glad I found this website. I put Seargant’s on my Pomeranian three days ago and literally had to send him to a friend’s house so I could get some sleep! He had been pacing, scratching at himself and everything else in sight for two nights and during the day, he knocked over his water and food bowls in his crate (out of frustration I suppose). He’s been jerking his head to the side involuntarily and has had difficulty breathing.

    I found this website earlier today AFTER having taken him to the vet yesterday. I told her my dog was coughing and panting. When she saw his runny eyes, she said he had “allergies”. I had told her he had kept me up all night behaving weirdly but none of that rang a bell for her. I now realize it was the flea drops. I might have realized it sooner but I had used the exact same product on my Toy Fox Terrier and she was/is fine! I gave my Pom a bath today but he’s still twitching. I will never ever make this mistake again!

  3. I can tell you i know how just how you feel. Thanks to hartz flea and tick medicine that you place on the back of the neck, my cocker spaniel has to penobarbitol for epilepsy now for teh rest of her life. It sent her into seizures. I cannot understand why people arent sueing teh pants off these people and making them revamp their products or stop selling them all together.

  4. same thing here. my roommate applied this crap on her cocker spaniel at about 4:30, then at about 10 we noticed he was drooling alot, and he hardly ever drools.. then he got to where he wouldn’t be still, and was just walking in circles over and over again. after reading this post my roommate decided it’s time to take him to the emergency vet clinic. and they’re still there right now…
    for the love of god take this garbage off the shelves, immediately.

  5. I recently encountered the exact same issues with my youngest shit-zu. He was miserable, we thought he was dying. We were up all night and the next day with him. Took him to the Vet and the Vet said that he has had several cases just recently with the Gold plus Flea and Tip squeeze on. He is doing better but I would also like to know how they can keep selling this stuff and what can we do.

  6. I wish I had read this web site befor giving our two dogs sergents last night, Our shep mix was pacing all night and would not lay still was trying to throw up and could not , our st bernard was so sick in the morning she is now at the vet and will be fine ,but I feel sick that I would trust a product would be safe, there has to be some way to get sergents off the market.2oo.oo dollars out of my pocket not to think about how my poor baby jo feels at the vet now , will be picking her up at 5pm hope she will be doing better . We has pet owners have got to pass the word on about sergents I be telling all friends with pets barb

  7. we have had the same happen to our dogs thanks to Sergeants Gold flea and tick medicine. we have used the shampoo before but had no idea what a devistating affect the medicine would have on them or we never would have purchased it! We applied the medicine and within 30 minutes both dogs were having the same symptoms. They were shaking there head uncontrollably, not drinking (if tried they acted as if it tasted bad), couldnt sit still ( still cant), drooling and seemed disoriented. we have daschuands and one weighs more than the other and is older also. The one thats older Murray was effected but not near as bad as (Sassy) the smaller dog. Her hind legs slip out from under her when she tries to walk and a very playful and happy dog has now become a confused, off balance and has little to do with moving around at all sad dog. she seems to be confused with what is going on with her. she has to be carried out to use the bathroom sometimes which she has never had to do before. I can not believe how many cases are out there and nothing is being done by the company! No warnings, no reacalls and certainly no concerns for our pets and what their product is doing to them. We too are giving them baths with dawn dish detergent but it seems as if its not working as well on Sassy as it is on Murray. By the way, does anyone out there know how much benadryl that is recommended to use? Sassy weighs approximately 12-15 lbs and Murray 25 lbs. This just happened two days ago and we need all the help we can get from those of you who have already been through this. Please respond. these dogs are our babies! we thank you!

  8. I used the gold drops last night at about 9pm. Today my 8 month old terrier mix is pacing, not sleeping, not eating, scratching and drooling uncontrollably. Took him to the vet, who thought he had eaten something bad. They did $400 of xrays to find not much – i mentioned that i put this crap on him last night, and the vet said “h, that stuff is horribly toxic”. WTF!?!?! So they gave him a saline pack, antibiotics and sent us home for a 24 hour watch. I just gave him a bath with dishwashing liquid. I’m horribly upset and *ANGRY*. How can anyone with a loving bone in their body produce this crap? I’m so sorry for everyone on here who is going through the same thing.

  9. I ran into the same problem with my 115 lb. Chessapeake Bay retriever. Immediately after application, the dog began hiding in closets, and trying to rub its skin off. 24 hours after application, the dog had a grand mal epileptic seizure. I rushed it to a vet who gave me a line and told me to come back in 30 days. When I got home the dog had another grand mal seizure. I stumbled onto this site and came across the writeups that mentioned washing the dog in Dawn Dish detergeant three times. I immediately called a local veterinary Hospital who advised me to wash and rinse the dog three times with dish detergeant and bring the dog in immediately. They tested all nervous functions and found the nervous system to be fine. They said the timing of the product and seizures seemed very suspect. They ended up prescribing valium (10mg) 3 x a day for 3 days (for a 115 lb dog). (I also bathed the dog every day during those three days) The next morning the dog had one more grand mal seizure. It has now been 48 hours since I have given her any medication and she has now been seizure free for 72 hours. Her old character seems to be returning and I am hoping that this was only a temporary condition.
    For any of you who have lost a pet because of this product, I offer my sympathy. But I would also like to thank you for taking the time to post your story here so that I might have a chance of saving my dog. This is also my reasoning for posting this solution that seems to be working.
    Also in closing, if you take a look at the National Humane societys web page. They recommend not using these topical treatments with pesticide in them but rather bathing, combing and checking your pet for fleas and ticks routinely. Please check: :

  10. OMG! My 2 year old Chocolate Lab Coco is right now having and adverse reaction to the Seargant’s Gold Flea and tick drops. After giving her her bath earlier today I used the product to help combat the fleas that were plaguing her. Within about an hour she began pacing back and forth, thinking she just had to go potty, I put her in the garage to do her business. When I went back in to check on her she could barely stand up and she had thrown up all in her crate! She was foaming at the mouth and felt extremely hot. Since I’ve been forcing her to drink plenty of water and she was just able to eat a whole can of tuna, and is no longer foaming at the mouth. I want to bathe her again to remove the product from her body but I’m afraid to put her through the trauma right now.

    I wish I’d have checked on this product via internet before using it on her! Thank GOD I didn’t use this product on my year old Chi-Terrier mix puppy!

  11. I recently also purchased sargents gold flea drops and put them on my 10 lb shih tzu. Withing a 1/2 hour she was pacing, whining, scratching and was twitching. Since the only odd thing I did to her all day is to apply the flea drops, I bathed her after about an hour of watching her and realizing that something was wrong. She still was not fine and could not eat or sleep. She just kept pacing aroung. We took her to our vet who knew about the Sargents gold and said she was having a reaction to the drops. He gave us prednisone for her and sent us on her way. She continued to get worse and by night time she was beside herself in pacing, twitching, itching, and uncontrollable whining. We took her to a emergency vet hosptial and they gave her a sedative to help her calm down. He also said it is a known reaction to this flea medication and said that he has had other cases and in some cases the pet has died. He has been in contact with poison control and is reporting the incident to Sargents and I will tomorrow. “Bailee” is doing much better now and I hope that others are as lucky.

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