Hairball remedy and my sick Cat

This story was emailed to me yesterday morning by Lee:

About six weeks ago I noticed my male cat had thrown up. I bought a new tube of hartz hairball remedy and gave it to both of my cats. A few days later I noticed my male was not as active. He began sneezing and his eyes watered. He continued to eat and use the litter box, but he was sleeping more. In another few days he did not come to greet us and he was always hiding under a bed. He was not grooming himself. This was not his usual behavior. I took him to our vet. She told me that his pupils were dilated and that was not a good sign. She did a test for feline leukemia and she sent me home telling me to feed him chicken and broth. She also gave be an antibiotic. He went downhill. He fought eating. I took him back to the vet a week later. She gave me a stronger dose of antibiotic and since he had lost about 5 lbs now I had to force feed him. She was treating an upper respiratory condition. I also was given saline nose drops and eye medication. In about 1 1/2 weeks he began to come alive again. It was a long haul.

During this time I continued to look back to see what had caused him to be so sick. I never thought it was the Hartz hairball remedy since my other cat was fine. But it was always in the back of my mind, since that was the only thing he had consumed that was not a normal part of his diet.

On May 23rd I noticed he had thrown up a huge hairball and though it was because he was back to steadily grooming himself again. I decided to give him a small smear on his paw of the hairball remedy. Within three days he began to exhibit the same symptoms as before.

I decided to research to see if I could find a home remedy to flush this poison out of his body. I have spent over $400.00 in two doctors visits and will be there again tomorrow. If this message reaches anyone that can help with a home remedy I would appreciate the help.

I have printed out the steps from your web site to report this problem.

I would appreciate anything you can do to help me.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. My cat had gradually lost weight and continuously threw up hairballs and his hair started to loosen so he was a lickoholic. He produced petrified irregular stool. I was feeding him hairball remedy food. I took him to the vet. He had lost 2 lbs and the xray showed a clogged cat , stem to stern.
    My first approach was add the Hartz Hairball remedy keep the food the same. He produced regular shaped petrified stool.
    Next, hairball remedy and added wet food, still dry stool. Finally, hairball remedy, wet food and changed the dry to regular adult. The cat will eat any brand of food.
    Since then, he begs for the salmon/malt flavored goo in the tube by Hartz, on a daily basis, since 2003 and I feed him regular NOT furball remedy dry food along with the wet food. Cato is now 16 years old, has regular stool and has only occasional vomiting of water and loose hair. Still an occasional lickoholic.

  2. I have a cat (6 years old, calico, female) and I noticed she was sneezing a LOT, watery eyes, red red red nose, irritable and cranky, not her usual friendly self. I took her to the vet and she said she was allergic to something, perhaps her food (IAMS orange bag) or treats or something, so I stopped everything I was giving her except for the IAMS food (and had all of our A/C filters replaced, installed a air purifier). She got better quite quickly.

    Then just yesterday I noticed she was coughing up a hairball so I gave her a small squirt from the Hartz Hairball Remedy gel tube. She loves that stuff. But today, I’ve already noticed she’s back to those sneezing/irritable symptoms.

    Not sure if this helps, but I won’t be using this gel anymore.

  3. I have a 6 year old, very finniky cat. He’s had intestinal blockage twice this year. I tried every product on the market and he would just turn his head and walk away. I just stumbled onto Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus (Salmon flavor) while surfing and bought him some and he loved it. He will lick my finger clean and wait for more. Thank God no more blockage. He’s doing great so I’m going to keep him on it. He’s finally back to being himself.

  4. My wife and I have tried all kinds of hairball medicine, both inexpensive and the very costly ones. Heartz Hairball Plus is the only kind we have found she will even look at. Just like Rick’s story, she will lick your fingers clean and beg for more. I think that cats, dogs, people, all have allergic reactions to different things and sometimes you just don’t know till you run across it. We had a cat 2 years ago that had a severe reaction to Advantage. She finally came through it but it was not much fun at the time. We have had great luck with that product before and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again, just not on her. I don’t doubt that people have issues with any product, it’s just like my allergy to peanuts and everybody likes peanuts!

  5. I use Hartz Plus Hairball treats and I’ve never seen my cat throw up any hairballs. “Groucho” is an avid hunter too, so he is very active. My cat has lovely teeth and shiny soft fur. I owe it to Hartz for my “Tuxedo” Cat’s great health!


  6. Just googled for this product and came across your blog.
    We have two cats. A sort of mixed black and white street breed six years and a maincoon nine years . He started throwing up more than like gastric juice then hairballs (which he rarely did).
    So I gave both cats the Hartz product…for several years now.
    But lately I stopped the hairball remedy plus from Walmart, as a test, because when they don’t eat all their soft food in time it seems to melt in the center and create like a small murky mini lake (they don’t like to lick it off my fingers) and I thought MAYBE it goes fast ranse et
    It seems till now, for the past four days, that by not giving it to them, the maincoon vomiting has stopped.
    One wonders what it is with cats now. When I was a child cats only got left overs, rice with mince etc.. Now they get tin food pellets etc and get all these disease like human..and Vets make fortunes. A friends cat hunts outdoors all the time does never get a flea. We left ours be outdoor cats they have the anti flea injection AND collar and still they got fleas ..took us 6 month to rid the home 100% percent.. I think it’s the numerous Racoons that carry most of these lawn predator fleas…

  7. We lost our beloved strictly-inside cat, Chole yesterday while gone 3/4 of the day – I NEVER go anywhere this long. She had been fine & had led a luxury life, since she was our son’s cat & we lost him 7 yrs. ago this wk.- Nov. 16, 2010 (on my only siblings B’Day). During power-of-elimination, this is ONLY change in her diet – the Hartz Hairball, salmon flavor, teal & white 1/2 filled (mostly air) tube bought new in last 2 wks. There was a screw up on order- God I wish it had never come in, & don’t wish to God for much anymore. She has never liked the Purina Hairball food, so my big brainstorm was to buy this. Only used 2 1″ ribbons (as instructed in 2wks.) She hated it in her Purina Cat Chow she has been on forever, so put in her Friskies treats (shake it & they come running- so cute & true). Did put it in bay window, (like someone else said, maybe got rancid) & mixed in some reg PCC. She did eventually eat it all as of that day. Now I feel soooo guilty because I wonder if this actually did kill my cat!!! She was not that old of a cat & guess u know she had led a very sheltered life, so hope this info helps someone else. I know every cat is different, just like people, & we’ll never have another inside as I am a 40 yr. dog breeder, so do know what I’m doing.

  8. Have a 15yr old Ragdoll mix male cat. Very healthy. Diet: 1/3 can Fancy Feast mixed with water followed 30min later by a level Tbl. of Rachael Ray salmon kibble mixed with small amt. water. Was fed this menu 3 times a day. Maintained wt of 11 to 11.5 lbs, had occasional hairball. Advised by friends to give him Laxatone hairball remedy and decided to try it. About 1-1/2 weeks later he became lethargic, refused to eat, and could not find a comfortable resting position. Vet diagnosed pancreatitis. Had one week of hell thinking that my beloved companion was going to die but the antibiotic, bland diet, & TLC have finally began to show results. Will finish his Rx & gradually resume regular diet (per vet instructions), then monitor for reappearance of symptoms. Threw away the Laxatone which had been the only new addition to his diet. (I am 100% certain that he did not ingest anything else that would have caused his illness.)

    1. My dog used to get pancreatitis every 2-3 months. I put him on milk thistle every day to support his liver & he hasn’t had the pancreatitis since. It has been over a year.

  9. I started giving this (hartz hairball remedy plus) to my cat a couple weeks back cause he had been having a bunch of hairball pukes. It did help reduce the hairballs a lot and I thought it was a good product. About 3 days ago he became very lethargic, no appetite, and rapid shallow breathing. I fully expected I was going to have to put him down since he’s 16 years old and had been getting worse for 3 days. This morning he turned a corner and began to recover. I haven’t given him the stuff in about 4 days now. Cant think of anything else it could be since nothing else in his diet was different. I’d rather deal with the hairballs. Now it’s the afternoon and after 3 scary sad days he’s back to normal and I think we’re in the clear.

  10. My cat Doty obsessively licks and grooms day and sometimes at night. The last year lots of upchuck hairballs. I tried gels, hairball food with no difference. I happened onto Hartz hairball treat plus soft chews, chicken flavored. I break them up smaller, she’s a dainty eater, and leave on top of her kibble. She loves them. She hasn’t been throwing up since I started this stuff. But her BMs look different but she is using her box even this morning. She stopped eating yesterday, and is staying in her bed. She’s usually the one to wake me and to get her and the dog fed. I’m worried. The only thing different thing in her diet is the treats. I may have to visit the vet if she remains lethargic and refuses food. I’m betting she has a giant hairball obstruction.

  11. The one thing Ive notice is that Friday is paw day, I place that remedy on her paw so she will lick it off. She has been doing really well with it, but all of a sudden she has become unsocial, hides under the bed, spooked at the smallest thing. This happens now a few hours after Ive given her the remedy, in a few days she is back to her playful self, and being social and out and about. Im not sure what is in the product but the after effect is not good for my cat. Ive read several of the reviews and some cats dont have any issue and have taken it for years. Just be careful using the product , every feline is different.

    1. Same thing like the other posts above, my Tuxedo companion has always greeted me at the door and is always so affectionate and loving and she’s long haired so we always have trouble with her getting hair balls, so I bought her IAMS indoor hairball Control I believe the green bag and these Hartz hairball treats. She’s eaten IAMS before with no problem but the treats were the only new thing introduced in her diet. I noticed she was drinking more water and her stools were less frequent and the last one I saw was hard and petrified so I switched her to wet food. She became lethargic and no longer greeted me at the door after a day or so of this and no eating we brought her to the ER where they did tests and said she was extremely jaundice and her bloodwork came back with a high white blood count and that we should leave her overnight for more testing but we simply could not afford to keep her overnight, they gave her a strong long lasting antibiotic shot and anti nausea and we would bring her to vet first thing in the morning. 3 different vets later with over $2000 in tests, bloodwork, vet bills, ivy bags & prescriptions and I had to hand force feed her because she wouldn’t eat or drink water and had to administer her meds and inject & change her ivy fluids bag every few hours, it was one of the most traumatic things to see your best friend sick and doing everything to try and help her get better but felt so helpless. She got an upper respiratory infection which I treated with constant water and a bulb plunger to clear her sinuses as well as chicken broth and the bland diet she fought and tried her best up until the very end she even attempted to eat on her own, use the litter and scratch her post I think to show me some sort of normalcy but sadly she did not make it and passed away the day after Valentine’s Day. I will never forget the dreadful day I lost my best friend, I’ve grown up with and have had cats all my life but none that I have ever been so close to or so bonded and attached to as my beautiful long haired tuxedo kitty Ava Marie. None of these vets could help diagnose her despite all of the tests and bloodwork and they just kept telling us to prepare and expect the worse. I felt so horrible not being able to do anything to save my baby and always think back what could I have done or changed to have prevented this horrible ordeal and my poor companions pain & suffering! Please do not feed to your kitty it’s just not worth the pain & heartache like someone else said I’d take the hair balls any day and I still to this day wonder not exactly knowing what killed my poor companion. ~Forever scarred.

  12. These comments sound like what can be ailing my cat. I am thinking xray next to see if she has a blockage. Blood work was great but when I took the stool sample it was embedded with matted hair. Any thoughts? could her similar symptoms be a blockage?

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