Prince William’s Story

This story was sent to me via email today:

After noticing fleas on my one-year old Shih-Tzu, Prince William, I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and tick drops.  I parted the hair and applied it down his back.  That was on Saturday May 17th.  By Sunday, William was acting different, but I thought it was because we had a visitor, and he doesn’t like to share his attention.  My son gave him a bath and after the bath, Prince William collapsed on the floor and began to loose control of his bowels.  I rushed him to the vet and he was severely dehydrated, he had blood in his stool and urine.  The doctor ran tests and told me that she suspected toxins in his system, but at the time I couldn’t think of anything that would have caused that.  She asked me about the bath he took and decided that maybe he drank some of his bathwater and there-in laid the problem.  He was released the next day, but was unexplainably irritated.  He would not allow any touches on his back or sides.  I had to lift him from his stomach.  The next couple of days I noticed bleeding from his neck and took him back to the hospital.  They shaved his hair in order to clean the sore and noticed that his back had third degree burns from his neck down his back.  At that time they asked me what I had poured on Prince William as if I had mistreated him.  I told them the only thing we put on him besides Hartz shampoo, was the Ultra Guard flea and tick drops.   He is currently being treated for his burns, and it’s getting very costly, but more importantly, he has been in pain.  He has not been my playful Willie in almost two weeks.  The hair on his back will possibly never grow back.  The worst is that the vet says he has a long, uphill battle ahead of him, and it all started with Hartz UltraGuard flea and tick drops.

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  1. I have read so many stories now and I hope Prince William continues to improve. I bought “Sergeants Gold” Flea and Tick Squeeze on at the grocery store. Such a simple thing, and what a nightmare. My Dog is an 8 year old 12 lb. Chihuahua named Harry. I put in on like I have other products in the past and that yes about 3 hours later he began to jump out of his skin. His back legs were spasming and he slammed himself into my dresser becasue he couldn’t get control of himself. His breathing was rough and he was sneezing. I read the box and gave him a bath. I read the stories on line and gave him another bath. I finished by trying to degrease the oils off him with peroxide and water. About 3 hours later he let me pat him without jerking away and we both slepped. It’s mild compared to some of the stories, but he’s my baby and it didn’t need to happen to him. It shouldn’t have happed to him. I will never by andother product from Hartz again, they truly do not care about animals.

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