Hartz Flea and Tick Drops and Yorkies Don’t Mix

My yorkie has been through a lot the past few days; and thank goodness that I remembered to wash off the Hartz.  My little (11.8 lb) Peyton was in heat and we had her bred for the first and last time.  I wanted my daughter and family to be able to get a precious Peyton like mine.  On Friday, I found a tick on her and I quickly went to put her flea treatment on, the last time she did fine, unknown to me, I did exactly what the directions said this time, parting the hair and starting from the neck to the tail, it quickly started to absorb and that is when the troubles began.  Later the evening she wasnt herself, she wouldnt eat – I had assumed it was that she might be pregnant, so I brushed it off, then Saturday morning, she was throwing up, lethargic and not playful at all, she wouldnt eat or drink.  I was severly getting concerned.  It was a holiday weekend and no one was open.  I called the vet, they suggested Pedialyte and chicken and rice or bring her in.  She wouldnt take either.  I had to syringe the pedialyte into her mouth – she would vomit it all up.  By Sunday, it was progressively getting worse, but I kept fluids down her and told my daughter to give her a bath.  I took her to the ER Vet on Monday and they thought it might be Pyrometra, they took Xrays to find it wasnt it, I then asked about the Hartz – they said it could be a possibility or the Pyrometra could still be a possibility – but blew off the Hartz, they gave me antibiotics and fluid under her skin and an anti nausuea shot, she held down liquid and started drinking water a little; I gave her another bath and scrubbed her good.  I gave her pedialyte by syringe and she started drinking it more on her own.  Today is Tuesday, she is at the beginning to acting herself, she is more lively and giving kisses, she still is not on food yet, but to my surprize, she reached up on a small table where as I had a snack for her and she took it.  I am hopeful she will start to eat.  She is drinking water again.  I truley believe it was the Hartz…..I feel terrible that I put it on her – this stuff should not be sold over the counter or at all.  I could have lost her to this… I am still going to have her checked out again to rule out pyrometra – but by the signs of how she is acting – it was the Hartz.

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