Hartz flea and tick drops for dogs

Apologies for the delay in posts recently.  Below is an email and photos from Lacy, whose miniature pinschers suffered the wrath of Hartz poisonings.

Hi Josh,

Last July and August I posted a few things on your website about the hartz flea and tick drops killing our MinPin, Milsie Baby, and causing a lot of harm to our two other dogs, Gauge and Frosty Paws.  I am sending you some pictures of all of this.  I hate that it has taken me so long to get these to you.  Most of the pictures are of Gauge, the two close-ups of fur-loss is Frosty Paws.

After only one treatment, we lost Milsie one week later, left Gauge with a scar down her back and Frosty itching so badly she pulled out her hair and developed skin infections.  They saw three vets at the emergency clinic and two more at their regular vet (and I spoke to a 3rd there, also), totaling around a thousand dollars, yet, none of them were willing to give us a statement.

I am so glad that at least one person in the world has kept up the fight, and I thank you for taking the time to do so.

I also sent you a email through your web site about a hartz ad being in Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I got an error msg., so I do not know if you got it or not.  I have already sent them an email through their ‘contact us’ link, but think that others should, too.

Thanks again,

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  1. This happened to my dog last year when I applied the Harts One Spot on him! I thought it was an allergic reaction, but, I guess not?! I didn’t take pictures I don’t think?? I WONT BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN! 🙁

  2. Like Lacy wrote, thank you Josh, for leading the fight. Thank you, as well, to Lacy and all the other animal guardians for sharing your heartbreaking stories. We will be linking to this site and displaying one of Gauge’s photos on our blog – boycottmonsterpets.blogspot.com – in hopes it will make more people boycott Hartz.

  3. I also used this on my two dogs last Sunday. One of my dogs started drooling badly. I called the vet and she said to wash the dogs with a degreaser detergent. I bathed both of them and washed their collars twice. This was 3 days ago and they are still scratching. I hope this will pass.. I will never use anything but a natural product again. I will never buy any hartz product again……

  4. I just got this for my two 8 month old puppies about a week ago and I just noticed my little girl is loosing her hair a bit around her neck. She also seems a bit off to me. I thought I was being paranoid but I guess Im not. Im glad I looked it up…I will be taking the collars off both of them.
    One problem tho…what would be a good product? Im a first time owner and this kinda scared me so I dont want a repeat.
    Thanks everyone. 🙁

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