DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.  IT MADE MY CAT VERY ILL.  we gave it to him 9 days ago and he is still sick.  This product has synthetic pyrethrins in it which are very toxic to cats.  Not all cats will get sick from it but too many have!!  I have been watching my normally very active and happy 3 year old cat be extremely lethargic now for 9 days, he can barely walk.  It started the night we gave him the Bio-Spot.  He had a very high fever by the next day and was tremoring.  Has has been to the vet twice and spent a night in the ER.  He is still very lethargic and still having trouble walking.  Thank god he is improving and it looks like he will be okay.  But no one should go through this.  So many people have lost their pets already to this product and others like it.  The EPA needs to be alerted by everyone who has had a pet get sick from this stuff so it gets taken off of the market.

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