My Black Persian is BALD on her Back

I am just sick reading about about you poor people who have had tragic results using “hartz” flea and tick medicine. Fortunately,  I only have to look at a HUGE hair loss on the back of my persian.  I had a blue tube of the Hartz “3 in One” that I put on Sweetpie last Thursday.  By Friday morning, I was seeing huge clumps of black hair on the carpet.  I thought it was just her shedding her winter coat…we’re in Boston.  By the afternoon, she had an open sore and a bald spot that is 3″x 5″ on her back.  It’s just heartbreaking for me to think I did that to her.

I called Hartz Sunday nite to let them know what happened.  I was surprised to have a person answer the phone.  However, when I explained the situation, I found her snippy and condescending.  How dare they not admit that these chemicals were too strong for my indoor cat. She told me to put vitamin e on her back…i’m trying that but, think I’m going to stick with my original plan of using neosporin, which the vet said I should use for her eye ducts.

I’m so  Upset with this company…I’m ready to go to the Boston Globe!

2 thoughts on “My Black Persian is BALD on her Back”

  1. Dawn — I’m sorry to hear about what Hartz flea and tick “medicine” did to your Sweetpie. I’m relieved it wasn’t life-threatening, and I hope she’s recovering well.

    You mentioned that you were ready to go to the Boston Globe — and I encourage you to do just that.

    Hartz is going to keep making its poison, and heartless lunatics like Meg Frost are going to keep promoting it for a quick buck — so cats and dogs everywhere are relying on those of us who KNOW the truth to relentlessly spread the word.

    Pushing a product, like Meg Frost is doing on Cute Overload, is a DEEPLY POLITICAL ACT, and I hope that someday, she realizes that the sickness and death of countless animals is not only on Hartz’s shoulders, but hers too.

    Best wishes to you and Sweetpie!

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