Protest Hartz

On a Tuesday evening my husband and I applied Hartz Flea monthly application to both of our cats.  The next couple days they both seemed okay, however by the third day, I noticed that our little girl was not her spunky self.  We had to beg her for attention, when she would normaly be snuggling with us every chance she’d get.  She started to throw up her digested food and just seemed kinda depressed.  I started to get really worried about her the other night, so I just thought I would google Hartz and this product.  I was so disgusted to find so many bad things about Hartz.  At this point, I knew I had to do something, so early the next morning, the fourth day after application, I brought her into our vet.  By this point she was jolting her head a bit and didn’t look good at all.  I spent hours crying and had to leave her through the day for blood tests, xrays, iv fluids, etc etc.  Thankfully enough she is home with us tonight stabilized and more than a half of a grand later.  Hartz owes us this money for the expense and heartache they put us through.  It is the least they could do.  Please don’t take this lightly, because this is not new.  It has happened to many cats and many are not as lucky to make it through, like our little girl.  Her brother is thankful she is home also.  Let’s spread the news.  Education is key and together we can put Hartz out of business.  They deserve it!!

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