Cute Overload serving Hartz ads

Cute Overload (CO) is serving Hartz ads.  I find it completely appalling and asinine that a popular, animal and pet-oriented website would knowingly promote a company that sells products that kill pets.  Alert reader and former CO visitor, Erin, sent me an email over the weekend to inform me of these ads.  Erin and I have both contacted Meg at CO to no avail.  I wrote a very friendly, formal letter urging Meg to visit and to reconsider serving Hartz ads on her site.  I also proposed a link exchange partnership so we could drive traffic to one another’s websites.  I have yet to hear back from Meg.

Erin has since been banned from posting on CO.  Her comments on CO in regards to Hartz ads were also retracted.  Erin started a website she cleverly calls Sad Overload.  Erin also made me aware of the Junepath website where Junepath is obviously appalled that CO is serving up Hartz ads in the posts Cute Overload/Hartz, Re – Cute Overload and Cute Overload x3.

So it’s here that I urge you to contact Meg at CO and ask her to cease the Hartz campaign.  Meg’s email address is: meg [at]

Also, do what Erin and I have done and post comments on CO, warning others of the dangers of Hartz products and request to have the Hartz ad campaign pulled.

UPDATE: Cute Overload deleted my comments

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  1. It’s shocking that Meg Frost, who publicly professes to love animals, and who has gathered an enormous community of animal lovers on the Internet, would KNOWINGLY endorse a product that is known to be toxic and unsafe for cats and dogs.

    Ms. Frost should be deeply ashamed and embarassed, not only for running the ads, but for erasing ALL TRACES of a conversation about this very subject that was taking place on her website. What a vicious and cowardly way to dodge an issue. Perhaps she should run for political office!

    If Ms. Frost has a heart, she will donate the money she has received from Hartz to a reputable animal welfare group.

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