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had a moment of stupidity. I already knew from when I was a kid that this company has bad products from the news in the 80s and 90s.Used it again tonight and 2 hours later my 12 pound mixed breed baby girl was lethargic and her head was trembling. I snatched her up and bathed her fast,in tears at my stupidity. called the Hartz ppl.they don’t care.wasn’t their product.she is allergic to something..duhhhhhh their poison !! she is now fine,called her vet.he knew right away.has seen it before. so i am looking for something organic to help.she is a happy girl now. for a few hours of illness and mom’s guilty feelings,she has been getting treats…lol..happy story here..i wish everyone could have one too. sorry for every one’s loss and pain. I love all pets and this company has to be stopped !!!!

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  1. HELLO: I just put hartz ultra guard one spot on my cat, I wish i would have seen this site before i put it on. I guess tonight i will stay up and make sure my cat is ok. WHY IS THIS CRAP STILL ON THE MARKET?????

  2. i gave my cat hartz ultra guard one spot for fleas and she became ill. my vet said that the hartz products at walmart are frequently recalled due to poisoning.

  3. Your pain for your loss sounds loud through your lamentation. Still, many people cannot afford to use a vet for every health concern. It is wrong that there is a lot of “crap” passing for pet care in the stores. That is true of human products, too. You deserve to know pet care products will be safe. However, demanding items be pulled from store shelves just makes it so that only rich people can have a pet. People should speak up, but can you imagine what food choices people would have if everything that can lead to ill health in humans were pulled from shelves? Along with choices comes an imperfect system. Hartz is among the better products sold without prescription. There is far worse available.

  4. Thank you zaundre for your unbiased comment, I just bathed/dried and then put only a half a tube of the hartz ultra guard flea drops on my 1-1/2 yr old jack russell and I am finding myself almost in a panic attack after reading this site.

    I have used hartz products in the past with my 2 larger dogs and I have never had a problem or have I heard of anyone having a problem until now and from this site.

    we will see how this goes, I have to do something about these fleas and they are just making both of us miserable.

    thanks again… I should post a follow-up to let everyone know how my baby girl “Laika” is doing after treatment with this product.

  5. Letting everyone know that Laika is just fine, she show no reactions at all, everything has been just normal. I applied the other few drops in the tube that was left over and it has also been 24hrs since that time…

    no reactions… no fleas… and shes been so hyper today cause it seems she has had quite a good sleep these past 2 days.

    Good luck everyone, I recommend trying a test sample on your friend if you are reluctant about using this product, alot of products you buy over the counter instruct you to test on a small area before you apply it to entire surfaces ect, I recommend this method to anyone.


  6. I applied Hartz Ultra Guard Spot On to both of my 90 lb golden retrievers five days ago. I don’t see any difference – it didn’t work at all. No lethargy or poor reaction – but I still am finding live fleas and the scratching continues!

    So, I ended up at the vet two days later (on a Monday), and they told me I have to wait TWO weeks to administer another systemic product (spot-on or pill). So, I chose Comfortis, b/c it’s a pill and it was only $13 per month per dog. I can live with that and it will hopefully get rid of the fleas in another 1.5 weeks when I can administer it!!

    In the meantime, I’m vacuuming like a mad fool and treating every other day with Capstar – essentially a dog pill that bombs only live fleas – but can be used with the spot-on. It only kills the fleas that are on the animal – right away. The dead fleas’ relatives can jump on after it’s worn off – somewhere within 24 hours. It was only $2.50 a pill – so it could be worse… I also sprayed the carpets and newly washed bedding with FleaTrol – which some sites said was an Insect Growth Inhibitor. That’s apparently important in killing larvae.

    Basically – what I’m trying to convey is that you get what you pay for. I was told that fleas are even starting to build up a resistence to Frontline – so don’t waste your money on that. But if you can’t afford flea treatment from your vet in bulk, stop by the vet each month and buy a month’s worth. You’re throwing your money away if you’re using the cheapie products in the stores like this Hartz. I regret using it – but I was in a panic on a saturday night. Now I have to let them suffer for two weeks until I can give them the good stuff. 🙁

    I’ve never used flea control before – and I was lucky to go nearly 10 years without anyone getting fleas. Now, I am dealing with two goldens and a cat with fleas – in November!! I agree that the vet’s office overcharges, and I agree that it is expensive to buy months of medications and pay for the annual visit. I will be buying flea control next season… and will likely purchase monthly if I don’t have the cash in the spring when we go in for our Heartworm testing. It’s worth every dime, ridding your home of fleas is a total bummer!!!

  7. I used to use Frontline, then it stopped working. Then tried Promeris. It was ok, then stopped working. Then tried Hartz Ultra Guard. It worked perfectly…this first time anyway. No bad reaction and NO fleas…and WAY cheaper. BTW, your pet can have a bad reaction to any of these products, not just Hartz. Check it out online. There are people who’s pets didn’t survive Frontline too. I think the safest way to use these products is to first use a very small amount to test how your pet will respond. If all goes well, apply the remainder.

  8. Hartz® UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick, I bought this product and I used it on my 20lb terrier Rascal and 40lb Pitbull Roxy and they were fine, at first they ran around like crazy and Rascal itched his ears on the floor, but that’s about it. nothing harmful.

  9. I know that my story is a little bit different then most but I will tell it anyway. My cat was given a flea medicine that was meant for dogs by accident. We managed to get her the proper medical treatment in time. I did some research on permethrin, which, as most of you may or may not know, is toxic to cats, and was shocked to discover that many companies put this pesticide in products meant for cats. Any vet will tell you that you should never give your cat a flea product meant for dogs. So why are cats being treated like dogs?

  10. This stuff is AWFUL!! STAY AWAY!! Flea collars and spot treatments, all products!! I too had wish I would have seen all the warnings or heard. This stuff affects so many, and I am very surprised that it is still out there on the market. I am calling the company and making a huge stink out of the whole thing. It is terrible that they let pois0n be sold to go home and use on our pets, really unbelievable in this day and age. My 6 month old shorkie had a violent reaction and the EC vet knew IMMEDIATELY what had happened once I told him what I used. Hartz guard will be paying my EC vet, and if I so desire to come up with the time, energy, and money I may step forward with a lawsuit, and at that probably a class action suit, since it seems just about 9 out of 10 dogs and cat react to this stuff in horrible manners.

    What this chemical does when you put it on your dogs is it attacks the dogs nervous system. The signs are diarhhea, nausea, trembling, even seizures. In some mild cases they will look restless hyper or jittery like they have drinken 10 cups of coffee. In the worse cases, it can cause severe neuroligical damage, severe skin damage/rashes or even death. It breaks my heart, I am the hugest animal lover, and to call this inhumane is an understatement.

    I hope that most of you can take the time to call this company and let them have it. The more everyone comes down on these people the stronger we can be in taking them down. I just called target today and advised the manager of what happened, and if she could take to upper levels. She said absolutely and she had no idea, like many others. To get this off their shelves, would mean to save another pet from this awful stuff!!

  11. I put this stuff on my 12 week old kitten, because apparently it’s safe for them! About 2 minutes afterwards, I came upon this post, and well needless to say I gave him about 4 baths, 2 in vinegar for good measure. Apparently S-Methoprene, the active ingredient in there is supposedly one of the least toxic ones out there. according to greenpaws product list. My cat seems fine now, but I will be closely monitering him.

  12. I put Hartz Ultra Guard on my dog Harry 2 weeks ago and it’s caused his skin to turn extremely dry and flaky and his hair to fall out all along the application area… and he still has fleas. Harry is old and deaf, Malamute mix, and I apologize to him everyday for having done this to him.

  13. I’m looking into this product to use on my 3 year old and 7 month old cats. I’ve had one cat for 3 years and the other for a few months, both were adopted from the local Humane Society. Both are indoor cats, but now out of nowhere they both have fleas. I’ve done a lot of research, and I just happened to have some Hartz UltraGuard laying around from a year or so ago. It seems like the reactions are pretty evenly mixed, despite the bad reputation of products like Hartz and Sargents. (Well, less Sargents, I really haven’t heard ANYthing good about that brand…) I’m a college student, and I can’t afford to buy Frontline or other expensive brands. Unfortunately, I also would never want to do anything to hurt my cats…I just can’t stand to see them suffer with these fleas. I’ve tried flea shampoo and it hasn’t worked. (Although to be fair, I wasn’t able to keep the lather on them for 5 minutes like the directions state.) I think I’m going to take the advice to apply a small amount on the cats and watch them closely. I’ll update ASAP.

  14. I dont know how in Gods name you can call yourself an animal company when your selling Poison!!!!!! to people that love their pets. All you care about is making a fast buck and not the lives of animals. I purchased mine fromWalmart and
    demand it to be removed from their shelves
    I hope you think about the animals and not the money.
    On behalf of my dog Bailey that I love very much will
    NEVER use your products and will tell all
    my dog loving friends to do the same!!
    Is this the only way to make money killing


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