On Sunday, April 20th, I applied Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze on for dogs and it was the beginning of the most horrific time in my pugs life. Soon after applying the product, he started to scratch uncontrollably and whine in his cage. He would run circles and simply collapse, after which he started to vomit and try to tear out his fur with his paws. I rushed him to the vet and he immediately was given steroid and anti-inflammatory shots and then bathed with dish detergent to strip the product off. The scratching continued to the point where his skin was bloody. The vet shaved the area and to our horror this product had burnt his skin. He was then bathed again in some kind of a sulfur dip and given more shots. He spent 4 nights at the vet hospital, where he had to have his paw taped up and socked, so he could not scratch. The burns are awful and they have now started to scab over which is part of the healing process. My pug is now starting to return to his normal self which is a good sign.

I just want to say, never use any Sergeants or hartz pet products, the money you may save is not worth the life of your pet.

I have sent my vet bills to Sergeants where the matter will be investigated and reimbursement will be decided upon. I was infuriated to hear this, I have been looking for a lawyer to sue the company, but have been told lawyers do not take cases where an animal is the victim, even though this is clearly a product liability case.

If anyone can offer any suggestions in this legal area, please post your information.

Thank you


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