hartz ultra guard rid worm paste

My Black cat Church always has worms…being black they are soooo noticeable.

I use to get a pill from vet at $7.00 a pill…the worms were back again within weeks

church and her sister Omalley are indoor cats…but have a large screened in patio to get the outdoor thing.

I gave Church a dose of the hartz rid worm paste…mixed in with a big portion of canned cat food ( a treat for my 2 cats)

luckily she didnt eat it…as she will eat anything

after reading the stories about Hartz products…I will never buy again

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  1. Use caution when diagnosing worms. I don’t disagree with your comment, but the “$7.00” pill from the vet sounds like a tapeworm tab. They are expensive (probably cost your vet almost as much to buy) and specifically treat tapeworms. Tapeworms are typically diagnosed on sight, clinging to the cat’s fur. Roundworms are typically diagnosed on fecal sample with a microcroscopic exam to find the eggs. The Hartz product described is for round worms and won’t kill tapeworms.

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