Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick

I had used this product on my three dogs several months ago, with no obvious problems.  However, tonight,  about an hour or so after application, my female Doberman started drooling horribly.  I searched the ‘web and found that this is a common problem.  As recommended, I washed her immediately in dishwashing liquid and am now keeping an eye on her as I have read that seizures and other neurological problems can manifest.

Don’t think because you have used it before that your pet will be safe, or that only small dogs have these problems.  My dog weighs about 65 lbs and is 1-1/2 years old and very healthy (until now).  I used the proper size (up to 61 lbs) and I also used it on my other two Dobermans tonight, who appear fine (but also needed to have it washed off to further protect her and them).  It was applied to her first, as she was first out of the bath.  I don’t know if she might have licked them, or what… but I will never use these over-the-counter flea products again, and I urge you to find another solution.  I will contact my vet in the am and get a prescription.  I was avoiding it because for my dog’s weight (65, 75, and 112) it is VERY expensive.  However, their health and well being is the most important, and I just hope that the lesson I learned doesn’t have any lasting health effects for my furbabies.

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