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  1. Dear Josh,
    I emailed you a couple of days ago about my precious tortoise shell calico cat named Sadie and what happened to her as a result of using Hartz Mountain One Spot treatment for fleas.
    I tried to register so that I could submit my story but I could never get the password approved by word press.

    Sadie had to be put to sleep on August 13, because she had been diagnosed with Hartz toxicity and this caused complete renal failure and breathing difficulty, She was 9 years old .I have had her almost 8 years so she was my baby. I used the Hartz once a month drops and for the first 2 months, nothing happened,but one week after applying the 3rd month treatment she began doing the same thing as the lady kait1012 said about her dog Sami.
    I will do anything i can to help stop these people from killing our precious pets.
    Please feel free to call me at the following number to get help for the state of Ga. 678-363-2939. I have filed an incident report with the EPA and I have a case number for Hartz and I wrote 2 letters to Hartz and I will write them again if I do not hear what I want to hear from them and that is that they will recall their products to relabel them with weight and age restrictions and also some adverse side effects that may be hazardous to the pets.
    I am angry and sad but I am determined to get justice for Sadie. She was cremated and I have her remains with me so I can still feel her presence and know that she is safe at last.
    Thank you for founding this web site and I am glad your friend is still with you.

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