Winston’s seizures

I can’t believe this! I work night and got a call from my mom who stated that she gave Winston, my 3.5 mth old yellow lab, a bath with that new shampoo we bought. As my mom was drying him off she noticed he looked sleepy. She went to go get his bed and then when she came back she thought he was running in his sleep. As she got closer she realized that he was having a seizure. My mom, a doctor, grabbed the shampoo grabed everything that he had touched in the last 10 mins basiclly and jumped in the car to head to the vet. When arriving at the vet’s office (she called on her way), Winston finally started to just move around and start to be very playful again. At the vet’s office my mother was told that it was most likely he had low blood sugar and that honey would fix it. Thank GOD my mom is a DOCTOR b/c she inisted on blood test. The vet realizing that my mother knew what she was talking about did the blood test and then looked at the shampoo and stated that she was right and that they would give Winston a bath and make sure that he would be fine.. We never used that shampoo or their products again and Winston has never had a seizure again. The vet apoglized to my mom about the inisted and has since stopped all his patients (or those that listen) from using products that they make.

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