Sergeants Silver Flea Medicine

On March 16 at 2 am my husband woke me tell me one of our chiquahau dogs were sick and not acting right,I called the emergency vet and they asked me some questions,I told them I had put sergeants silver flea medicine on him early that evening,she told me to bath him in dawn dish soap and come immediately,he was drooling and foaming at the mouth,throwing his head from side to side,and running from room to room rolling,,Rusty is 10 months old and is approx 8 lbs,when I got him to the vets at at 2;30 am they took him right in and gave him a shot pf percoset,they said if we would waited till morning to take him to our vet we would of lost him,,we had to bath our  other 3 immediately also,,,Rusty is fine now with no side effects,,I am telling anyone out there DO NOT use this product,they said frontline or advantage is best even if it is more expensive…

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  1. Last night I gave my 2 dogs Sergeant’s Silver Flea and Tick squeeze-on. What a holy mistake. Zoey (55lb lab mix) seems ok besides a little lathargic. Zeus (8 month, 40lb shepherd mix) however is not. The pack says safe to use on dogs at least 12 WEEKS old, so I figured I’d take their word for it. He is drooling profusely, foaming a little. He’s biting at the application site. He is very disoriented. He goes to smell something and hit his head on it. He is very noticably uncomfortable and stressed. He’s pacing (not usual) and trying to hide upstairs. I was told to wash him with dawn dish soap and make sure the symptoms don’t worsen. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. IT IS NOT SAFE.

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