Seargeant’s Gold is AWFUL

I bathed my dog in regular shampoo and when she was dry, I applied the "gold".  Proper dose for size and weight.  Within a few hours she began shivering and became very hyper.  She couldn’t sit still and she was whining terribly.  She had what appeared to be hiccups.  This stuff nearly killed my litttle dog – It should be taken off the market.

3 thoughts on “Seargeant’s Gold is AWFUL”

  1. A letter Sergeatns: (I’d like to write)

    I will tell you this is the first time I used your product the flea GOLD medicine and I have used frontline for years, thought I’d go a cheaper way, since I did not want to wait for the vet to open, and your product gave both my shih tzu’s allergic reactions, one just small twitching but the other, running around, anxious, and whining like a maniac. i looked up on the internet many customer complaints and similar reactions, my vet said they had a reaction to your product. I called my vet late at night and he said there is nothing I can do unless they foam at the mouth or start tremors. I have to ride it out, even after washing it out with dawn dishsoap. My vet told me it was to late to wash it out, because it’s a topical and it was already in the blood stream and had to ride it out. You need to pull it from the shelves and put similar less harming ingredients as frontline. So now I had a vet bill and had to buy capstars for the rest of the month. your product can kill animals. At least mine were fine, but suffered, just to save a few $$$.

  2. I also put this product on my shih tsu. we had much the same results. shaking running around like a chicken with no head. very red and hot to the touch. he was also twitching/seizures ? I also called my vet. allergic reaction to hartz, give 1/2 tab of benadryl, or 1 tsp. in liquid. neousporin on area where applied. I had already bathed him twice, so back to the tub we go for a cool rinse to bring down his body temperture. today he is a little restless, but much more himself. I would hate to loose my little Ozzy too. we lost our little krissy due to liver failure.

  3. I used the Sergeants Gold for the first time on my border collie/cocker mix and noticed soon after that she began itching, whinning and nervously pacing back and forth. I just thought she was hot and needed a hair cut. As soon as the clippers i had loaned out were returned to me (now 2 baths with Sergeants Gold later) I clipped her and my jaw dropped at what the damage the Sergeants Gold shampoo had done to her skin. The Sergeants Gold Shampoo created a chemical burn all over her back – no wonder she was so uncomforatable! As a pet owner i felt just horrible, unknowingly at the thought that i applied such a harmful chemical on my sweet dog and caused her so much discomfort. I’m now trying to find a product that i can apply topically to help heal her chemical burn.

    This product needs to banned from the shelves. Does anybody know how we can make this happen?

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