Hartz Flea & Tick Spray should be BANNED!

My husband & I found the most adorable 3-month old stray a few days ago and we took her inside & straight to the vet.  My vet gave her Hartz flea medicine & told us to follow up with the Hartz flea spray afterward.  Well, we did, & a few hours later, our precious tiny kitten could not stand up or walk & started having seizures.  We rushed her to the all night emergency pet clinic, & we were told that the Hartz had literally POISONED her.  They said she was in grave condition & she would have to have a blood transfusion, & right now she is being fed glucose sugar through an I.V. because she has not only been poisoned, but has developed anemia with seizures.  I have to wait atleast 24 hours to see if I can ever bring my new little fur-baby home.  It’s bad enough that Hartz is still on the market & has killed dozens of animals, but I found out the hard way that not all vets are even aware of this (or either they don’t care).  PLEASE, if you love your animals, do not use any Hartz products.  (Advantage works great, though)!

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  1. Hartz Phenothrin products were REMOVED from the market d/t pet DEATHS and consumer out-cry. But, the product remained on the shelves AFTER the ban. (Walmart, were I saw it.) I called the E.P.A. when I saw a “banned” product being sold. The E.P.A., “We do not pull products from the shelves. We stop distribution.” So, if a warehouse has a ‘stock-pile’ of the BANNED product, it will be SOLD to the consumers. Despite knowing it KILLS pets, it remains available to the consumer !!! BEWARE….Oh, Hartz makes a spray vitamin for cats with GARLIC. Sounds ‘honkie, dorie’. Garlic might deter fleas, BUT Garlic is from the onion family. And, onions cause hemolytic anemia in cats…..Check the on-line Merck Vet Manual….Hartz’s vitamin spray contains GARLIC !!!!! My ‘baby’ is dead prior to God’s choice.

  2. Hartz has been publically exposed for poisoning animals (for profit, because there is no other reason to harm consumers’ pets.)….BUT, Bayer, which manufacturers pesticides, drugs, and antibiotics for cats, dogs, horses, cattle, chicken, lawns, trees, etc…Has for DECADES requested the FDA to allow BAYTRIL (enrofloxacin) be put in the feed supply of animals destined for human consumption. The FDA has Refused b/c of the likelihood of Antibiotic RESISTANT Campylorbacter infection. If your cat or dog is prescribed BAYTRIL unecessarily, she/he could get an antibiotic RESISTANT infection….WE clean up their poop. We could get that infection….Do NOT rely on your vet. Even human doctors are oblivious to the side-effects, reactions, and contra-indications of the Medications THEY PRESCRIBE !!!!! The drug company “PUSHES” what they want the consumer to know. BEWARE

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