Flea collar

I just purchased a flea collar for my dog. Since most stores in our area sell Hartz products there is not much choice about the products. I bought exactly the collar for the weight of my dog and put it on him yesterday. Today he can hardly open his eyes, they are red and swollen like from an allergie. I took the collor off right away and now I am watching him. If this is not better soon I have to see my vet.
I did have a problem with Hartz ones before, a cat almost died and I had to go to the vet several times which is expensive. Hartz appolozised when I complained. I found out many other people had problems with Hartz products. How come this products are so dangerous and pets have to suffer. I found out the problem with flea collars goes on for years, why are this products not recalled ? If only a few pets have this terrible reaction it is a few pets too many.

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