sergeant’s flea and tick burned my bichon frise

I purchased Sergeant’s flea and tick spot treatment a month or two ago for my 6 month old bichon frise. As soon as I put it on his back, he crawled into the corner whimpering. I picked him up and looked at his skin. He had a burn down his back that was cracking and bleeding from the stuff. Luckily, I washed him and it came right off. But… he was still bleeding a little and in a little pain. The next day he wasn’t in pain but still had some cracks. It also left a yellow tint on his white fur that hasn’t gone away still and it has been over a month. I would never buy this product. I have used other things from this brand but never use the flea and tick drops. I think the cinnamon and peppermint oil in it was the main factors that hurt him.

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