One Spot

I had just applied Hartz One Spot to my two beautiful Bengal kitties when they started cleaning each other, as they often do.
I panicked and went to the Hartz website to see if this was going to make them sick by ingesting it. To my suprise I couldn’t even find the product on their website!
So I did a google search for Hartz One Spot and was led to this website, Thank God!
After reading several stories of bad reactions from this product, my stomach dropped. I rushed each kitty into the bathroom for a bath to remove as much of this POISON as possible. This was a VERY traumatic experience for all three of us! (I am worried the trauma of the bath itself is going to make them ill.)
I have also given them some milk, but they are still too stressed from the bath to drink much of it.
I will post again tomorrow for an update to see how my kitties are doing after these interventions.
I don’t know how Hartz can get away with keeping products on the market that have received these types of complaints! I also bought this product at Walmart. If Hartz won’t voluntarily pull these products maybe we can influence stores like Walmart to stop carrying them.
Thank you for having this website, you may have saved my babies lives!

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