tetrachlorvinphos is DEADLY to your pets

All you have to do it is type TETRACHLORVINPHOS into GOOGLE and you will see just how bad this pesticide is. Yet HARTZ puts it in most of their flea products. For example HARTZ Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Spray. Avoid this pesticide and HARTZ in general until they remove this pesticide from all of their products.

I know from personal expeirence that if you get the HARTZ Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick spray on your skin it burns and can leave rash marks on your skin that last for days and sometimes weeks. Thier is no point to put this product on a pet that your trying to save from fleas. Your better off giving them a DAWN flea bath. DAWN will not kill the flea eggs but it does kill all the fleas on your pet. You can give your pet a DAWN bath 1 or 2 times per month. DAWN is completely harmless to your pets.

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  1. I have used this Hartz flea powder for years…
    My 10 y.o. Healer developed mammary cancer in late 2008, survived surgery to remove the tumor and then died 2 years later (Jan 3 2011) from cancer. I did not have any idea that a company could sell a product that could kill my beloved companion(s). I would definitely not have used it had I known that this could be the result. of course there is no way to absolutely prove that this product is what killed my friend but it seems like the most likely candidate other than feeding my dogs cheap wal-mart Sam’s dry dog food, which I have discontinued 2.5 years ago. I feed my dogs Purina now. Needless to say today I am getting rid of the Hartz product immediately. I hope my remaining dogs survive the toxic onslaught. Wish I had known sooner.

    1. Steve .. Your dog lived to the median age of Heelers. Australian Cattle Dogs (Heelers) have a median longevity of 11.7 years (maximum 15.9 yrs).

      The four major causes of death in older dogs:
      #1 – Cancer; 50% of dogs over the age of 10 develop cancer
      #2 – Heart Disease; 20-25% of dogs between the ages of 9 and 12
      #3 – Liver Disease; 14-16%
      #4 – Kidney Disease; 8%

      So saying the company or the product “killed” your 12 year old dog is pretty far fetched.

  2. Steve, I too am concerned about my many pets; all cats.
    However, I am a little bit harder to convince than you.
    I have seen no evidence to make me fearful of using this product.


    1. Years ago an entire episode I think on 20/20, about the deadly Hartz products. Please search for any big story done on Hartz. It will kill your pets.

  3. I love how the one owner says that she fed her dog cheap food but it was the hartz that caused the tumor. There are a number of factors that can cause cancer. The problem is that pesticides are an easy target. So we buy cheap food and don’t change the water bowl and we blow smoke all around our animals but the moment we see that something is wrong we blame anything else but ourselves. It takes ten years of testing and millions of dollars before a product can be allowed to be released to the public. Take a second and look at your own lifestyle before you blame others. F all u

    1. I agree with you..who is to say what caused the cancer? I don’t think that the HARTZ product caused cancer. But if we are not taking care of ourselves that is a reflection on how our furry friends are being treated

    2. Totally agree on what you said & my best advice is WATCH your animal once you put the collar on, google carsinagins, there you will see all the cancer causing toxins/chemicals used in many of our everyday products, dyes,preservatives all put in people and animal foods, household cleaners, the thousands you just spent on new carpet all through your home,TOXIC that new car scent (lol) brand new sofas too, even in all kinds of plastics unless they say BPA FREE,& its nice to see those “BPA-free” labels on some pet bowls, as far as the testing of products for safety before selling them, that’s a totally GREY area & even though there are industry standards, unless its being inspected & ENFORCED..(just look up PET food RECALLS), what we need is enforcement of the laws & standards, if you don’t believe me then you probably DON’T think BIG INDUSTRY dumps pure toxins into our lakes,rivers & you’ll need some time to read the chemical list, it’s not a fun read but I guarantee you’ll be totally shocked, it’s ‘t also in our beauty products,yes ..even our make-up!! even our dental fillings,I was born in 1974 so small amounts of mercury/lead are slowly released into the blood stream..point being, some can tolerate small amounts & others have mild to severe reactions to the toxins, when people or our animals get sick I know we all want answers, but the sad truth is the BAD STUFF is in everything & everywhere I don’t like the idea of all the grooming (licking) cats do daily…BTW, someone give Matt a hug…seems upset in his reply! LOL

    3. It’s true, cheap dog food, those rawhide ones . Y’all do remember the ERIN Brokovitch movie about tannery products? Well your feeding your dog tanned hide, HOWEVER my degree in horticulture required me to work around pesticides and get license, I use diatomaceous earth, I even feed it(food grade) to our animals and birds

    4. I’m pretty sure there is NO testing required on these products that are sold for use on animals. You say ten years and millions of dollars though so maybe you can point me to these tests?

      1. This statement is incorrect. The EPA requires that studies be done for every labeled use of all pesticides, including Tetraclorvinphos, before a registration eligibility decision is made. These registration eligibility decisions, called REDs, specify approved uses and dosages, as well as risks for a pesticide. REDs can be found here https://archive.epa.gov/pesticides/reregistration/web/html/status.html, or here https://iaspub.epa.gov/apex/pesticides/f?p=chemicalsearch:1. Generally, purebred Beagles are used for canine studies, using various dosages over a specified length of time. The results of these studies are summarized in the RED. They are pretty dry reading, trust me on this one. I have spent over a hundred hours pouring through various REDs for physical and chemical properties of various pesticides.

    5. I’ve had problems with tiny biting bugs since I became a resident of this house fourteen years ago. My animals have been to veterinarians, I’ve been to doctors. My deceased husband was an exterminator. I worked with him. I’ve never experienced or heard of the problem I’ve with these bugs in my 62 years! These “bugs” I call “dirt monsters” because they look like specks of dirt until you get one on your skin. This house is about 65 years old, NEVER had water or sewer lines replaced until I was here and started having the bug problem. It increased when a water pipe burst under the house and water ran for over a year to get on a program to help me while becoming too disabled to work. Eventually, tiny flying bugs, much smaller than mosquitoes started coming in through the screens. After my animals & myself being treated for everything under the sun, and no one believing me about the bites I was getting, I started researching. No one who visits or works here seems to be able to see any of these bugs, but can see my dog and I have bites because we both have allergies to bugs bites. The other dog and two cats seem fine. I now have added to chickens to my animals repertoire, that came complete with white mites. I’m now working on getting rid of what I believe to be different types of MITES. I have tetrachlorvinphos left from a couple of years ago and am on here to find out if I can put it in a container with Dawn and dilute with water to wash ALL my animals to kill mites with some residual that won’t be harmful to any of them. At least for a one or two time application??Anyone??

    6. First of all, no pharmaceutical company will spend millions of dollars and ten years of testing before putting out drugs for humans, let alone pets. I have seen the neurological repercussions of these collars. I lost 6 cats in 2 weeks after putting the collars on them. I do not smoke, I keep my home clean, and none of them were given crappy food. They were not outdoor cats, so revenge from a pissed off neighbor does not apply. I asked my vet and he said it was most likely the collars, since none of them were old cats. Maybe in your perfect world, this doesn’t happen. But in reality, it does, even if you don’t agree with it. Let us know when you get your veterinary license, and I’ll introduce you to my vet.

  4. The original person is an idiot as I have a degree in animal science from a major university and many years teaching medicine plus make new medicines (Plus never replied on the net). There is always a benefit to risk ratio. The Hartz flea powder is fine and I am using it on all cats and my dog plus more intensive treatment from the vets. The fact is we had a mild winter and the fleas are the worst I have ever seen and I was trained in entomology. Now my dog is sick and I spent $1000 thus far on cats and the dog, the dog has a tapeworm infection due to a flea bite and the fleas have infested the yard so I must disinfect the yard as well to build a boundry. (Let this lady get a flea bite and have a tapeworm). So much said. Use common sense folks, there is always a potential of risks as well as not doing anything. Any question, contact extenstion service of any state university and you will have free a professor to answer.

    1. @Steve. 8-2-12 if you have the education you claim to have in medicine and entomology, you would know that your dog’s tapeworm came from ingesting the larvae of the flea and not from a bite.
      Tetrachlorvinphos, often causes an allergic reaction in Dogs, resulting in the swelling of their ear flaps and sometimes the glands in their throats. A dose of benadryl will help, but an immediate bathing, with a mild soap is required, to remove the pesticide from the animals coat and skin.
      As for the Carcinogens mentioned in all the comments; People are exposed to them every day. The Chlorine n your water,or pool is perhaps the most common. Chlorine is a poison. It soaks into the skin and then into the bone marrow, where it is transformed into Chloroform.
      Cancer can be caused by exposure, but is more likely to be from one’s own health choices.. Exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, also killed many returning soldiers. It continues to kill many of us who survived the initial exposure and has caused many to experience Neuromuscular decease. It also caused birth defects in the children some of them had and in the workers who were part of it’s manufacture. Today, a derivative of AO is used in Chemotherapy.
      DDT and its derivatives were once approved by the government, for use around pets and people. It was declared safe as a spray to kill Ticks, FLeas and all insects. I guess we all know how that worked out.

  5. Sorry but dogs DO NOT get tapeworm from a flea bite, dogs get it by ingesting a flea. Flea larvae feed on tapeworm eggs which then makes the flea a carrier of the parasite.

  6. We’ve used Hartz now for around a year.

    Almost lost our very large cat to it.
    A day after treating him with the proper dosage as per the back of the container, he began to shake and make some very horrifying sounds. He would react violently to touching him, but didn’t have the coordination to actually scratch or bite my hand.

    The vet said our cat was showing characteristic signs of a methamphetamine overdose!

    At first we thought the cat found and ate a bag of drugs some junkie threw away, but after we showed the vet the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick drops we had used, it made more sense to him.

    We had no idea that this was even a possibility, and have since switched to flea collars, since those are removable, and don’t instantly deliver the full potency of the pesticide onto the animal.

    No problems since.

    Hartz (drops) is as poisonous as meth to our animals! Use flea collars instead!


  7. Just use common sense. Never use any pesticide except as a last resort. Bathing and vacuuming are your best weapons, but when they fail to stop the fleas, use whatever works. Use it sparingly and for a limited time. Keep the exposure to a minimum.

    I have used several different sprays over the last 10 years, and I can say that the spray with tetrachlorvinphos works well compared to most.

  8. I just had to put my two dogs down, one was 16 and the other 17. I used Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick collars all their lives. I figure it was old age and not the collars, what do you think?

  9. i ve just been using Hartz ultra guard flea and tick collar on one of my 4 cats. she has flea allergies and i thought as it would last 7 months it would be a good alternative. After wearing it for just over a week, she began to vomit. vomiting lasted 5 days, until i thought to remove the flea collar. The day i removed it she stopped vomiting. In the fine print it does say that cholinergic symptoms can include vomiting. In the 4 days since removing the collar she has had hair fall out and sores develop around her neck. they are now drying and scabbing, so on the road to healing. She is a smallish slim cat, the others are quite big cats. Either the dose was too large, or too much at once or she has a low immune system ? I wont be using any product with this ingredient ever again. Too scary for me.

  10. Hartz Ultra Guard collar contains 14.55% of TETRACHLORVINPHOS
    This compound is a positive animal carcinogen according to NOAA

    Also its is easily absorbed by the skin

    So if your dog gets rubbed in this thing for months at the time (collar, sprays etc.) and gets cancer, its probably not you new car scent or furniture as Nicole suggested.

  11. I don’t think the point of that comment was to say it wasn’t possible, just that it wasn’t necessarily the cause. We are exposed to carcinogens everyday, yet most people live relatively heathy lives.

    That said, knowing what I do now I’m not sure I want to put my dog at further risk by continuing to use the product if it’s something avoidable.

    He’s eaten the collar, which you could argue is my fault for not removing it, but honestly I’ve never heard of anyone doing so, other than when it comes time to put on a new one.

    I am praying that it doesn’t have any long term side effects and that he’ll be okay. Though from reading up on it, it has the potential to be life-threatening which is really scary as a pet owner.

  12. My 2 yr old miniature dachshund is suffering right now because I used Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick spray on her last week. We used it according to the directions. It took 3 days for her symptoms to develop. She lost her coordination and her head kept swaying side to side. We rushed her to the emergency vet after her conditioned worsened. The vet put her on an IV overnight. She seemed to be better the next day but began swaying again that night. Brought her to our vet the next day and he identified the spray as the culprit. I’ve bathed her but I think the damage is done. She doesn’t seem to be getting any better and we’re absolutely devastated that it appears that she may have permanent neurological damage.



  14. My little cat died 5 this morning. He was infested with fleas. So i gave him a flea bath. Then put powder on him. Because the bath only killed half of the fleas. Then he started crying and spasming and acted like not in this world. And his legs were involunteerily spasming out. I read up on this chemical. And washed him with dawn to get it off him. But it was already racing through his system. He was ice cold and i held him in my shirt to keep him warm. I nodded off. When i woke up he was still cold and dead stiff. People can say what they want. But i killed my cat with this stuff. Little guy trusted me. And now he is gone.

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss. Try not to blame yourself to much. A similar thing happened to me, that was when I decided never to use chemicals on cats because they lick themselves (especially when they have something on them they don’t like) and ingest these chemicals meant for the outside of an animal. It’s sad and I’m sure we are not the only ones to have learned this lesson. I keep cats inside for their health and safety. (We had moved into a house that was infested with fleas.) Again, so sorry about your loss.

  15. It killed 2 of my cats. One had seizures prior. When i clld hartz they basically tried to turn it around to me about reading label thoroughly. It does say hazardous to humans and pets. I too did not think something like this would kill my animal. It is poison and animals clean themselves. Therefor its injested. I jist dont want anyone to go through what my cats and i went through.

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