Hartz flea drops gave my cat sores!

I’ve used the product on her before with no adverse reaction, but this time, she had a reaction.  The vet gave her a steriod shot, but had no guesses as to what caused the reaction.  She lost all of the hair on her belly, and it doesn’t seem to be growing back.  She developed open oozing sores which seem to be healing.  I applied Melaluca brand oitnment because it is non-toxic, and they seem to be healing up.  I will do my own research from now on, and I am changing vets!  No Hertz, no Sargeants, …Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is safest for my beloved Mina?  Is there a class action suit to which I can add my name and be compensated for the upsetting distress and vet bills? (860) 268-4264 EST  -HOLLY

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