My dog lost almost all her fur with Hartz flea Shampoo/citrus scent

Sadly I did not know how severe the Hartz products are and that they can poison animals.  I have a 2 1/2 year old female hungarian mudi which is approx 45 lbs, beautiful black fur with massive curls around her ears and down her back with a really thick fluffy and long tail.  Then I came upon a puppy, welsh springer spaniel (4 mo’s old) who was found with no tags.  I took him in and of course he had fleas, so I got Hartz Flea shampoo / citrus scent and washed him.  Figuring My all black dog might have fleas too since they were in the same areas (couch, dog beds, etc.) I though I should give her a shampoo also (1st one ever) since I could in no way see them on her and she was acting like she might have some.  5 days later I starting noticing extreme amounts of fur all over beyond what typical shedding would be for her.  She was always a shedding dog, but this was seeming like too much.  When I went to brush her I realized she was loosing her fur and it was as if she was buzz cut. I immediately took her to the vet and he was quite concerned but it seemed too late to wash it off.  He put her on a really strong allergy pill and fish oil pills.  I want to know if anyone knows what I should be doing for my dog now to make her more comfortable and if this will lead to other problems?  Organ issues?  It saddens me to think I might have poisoned my dog with a bath.  I absolutely be contacting Hartz with this complaint and possibly take this further.  I sure hope she will recover from this without other issues.
Thanks, Jeanette Macleod

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