bad stuff for pooches Sergeants flea and tick treatment

I just want every one to be aware that Sergeants flea and tick treatment is absolutely the most aweful product put on the sheves for "dogs". I put this medication on my dog last night and he is currently in the hospital with seizures and a serious allergic reaction to this product. The vet said if I got him there just on time. Any of you animal lovers know that its like one of your children. I couldnt bare to see the pain my dog was suffering. Fortunatley he is doing better but he is still under medical care. I read a few other similar stories about this. How can a company produce such a harmful/leathal item over the counter in local super markets and get away with it? I know I know am going to have a heafty bill after this, but no amt of money matters when it comes to my dog. I just hope that this story reaches other people thinking of buying this before they do. Please do not harm your pet with this item. This is a serious issue this stuff is toxic and will harm your pet.

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