missing hair/scratching all the time

I am very upset by everything I am reading….How is it possible for a company to continue to sell products that are reported to cause so much death and or sickness. I have several pets and I have never used Hartz until a week ago when my children picked up a bottle of shampoo from the local walmart. I thought it was a just a fluke that my dog started to scratch more after I bathed her. I still had not put two and two together until tonight. I bought the whole line of products and I am seeing side effects in each pet. I want to know what I can do to help  get these products removed from the shelf..I know I will be taking the remainder of the shampoo’s I used back to the store along with all thhe crpet powders and sprays. I wish they would give me a problem in returning these items. I really fell a need to assist in anyway I can…please tell me how I can help

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